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February 27, 2004

A Savage Killing: Murder of officer at NATO peace program provokes outrage

The slaying of an Armenian military officer by an Azerbaijani classmate at a NATO Partnership for Peace program has heightened tensions between the two countries.

Lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan, 26, was hacked to death with an axe as he slept in the early hours of February 19. An Azeri officer, Lieutenant Ramil Safarov, is in custody accused of murder.

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Outside Eye: A non-Armenian's view of life in his adopted home

In a corner of a modest house impossibly distant from the corner of the world I now call home, I sit with my aged father in the place where I grew up.

Both of us, perhaps, are looking for something that links Alabama to Armenia , though neither of us says that is what we are doing.

“Do they raise livestock in Armenia ,” the old man wants to know.

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Frontier Life: Settlers find no ‘home' in former Azeri lands

There is no epidemic in Kovkasan city or its suburbs but all residents say they are going to leave. The most frequently heard reason is “we were deceived” and if they keep their word it will soon be hard to find any residents here.

Conquered by Armenian military forces in 1993, Kovsakan is the former Azerbaijani city of Zangelan , bordering the southern regions of Armenia next to the Arax River . A year later it became the southern center of Nagorno Karabakh's Kashatagh region and a government resettlement program started.

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Nourishing the Soul: Fasting becomes a fashion in revived Easter observance

Armenians began fasting for Lent this week in preparation for the celebration of Easter.

Though the fast has always been part of the Christian festive calendar, it was a tradition that was largely forgotten in Armenia during the years of the Soviet Union . Today, the habit of has been revived and has even become something of a trend.

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Stage Revival: Sundukyan Theater reopens to great expectations

After being “dark” for 18 months for reconstruction work, Yerevan 's Sundukyan Theater has opened its doors again with a delayed 80 th birthday celebration.

The city's main dramatic stage actually marked its anniversary in 2002 but the extent of the repairs meant that it could not be open for the occasion.

Its history began, according to records, on July 16, 1921 when the newly Soviet Armenian government adopted a resolution declaring that the Armenian people cannot live without state theatre.

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Armenian Abstraction: Exhibition traces the history of a brief artistic trend

A new exhibition of paintings has opened at the Akanat art gallery, tracing what it calls “trends of development of abstractionism in Armenia ”.

“It's true that some paintings are sold but first of all these exhibitions are of cultural importance as they present the history of Armenian abstractionism,” says the director of the art gallery, Ani Sukiasyan.

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Act of Memory: Book records a region's gratitude to those who sacrificed to save it

Edik Babayan's eyes glisten as he talks about his homeland, the Hadrut region of Nagorno Karabakh. His voice begins to tremble as he recalls the hardships of the days of war and his fellow soldiers.

“Honesty, right-mindedness and generosity are distinguishing features of residents of Hadrut, however, they arise when their national dignity is trampled. For many years they have been depressed at the fact that their human rights for living on their own land have been violated,” he says.

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Football: Karamyan double helps Armenia avoid last place

Armenia ended its participation at the Cyprus Eight International Tournament with a win over rivals Georgia.

It recorded a 2-0 victory at the Makarion Athletic Center in Nicosia on February 21. The Karamyan brothers scored one each to secure seventh place for Armenia in the eight-team tournament.

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History at Risk: Khachkars of Julfa suffer renewed destruction

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Sweating on Screen: Healthy living show offers competitors fame through fitness

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Armenian Officer's Body in Yerevan

Thursday, the body of Lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan killed by Azeri officer in Budapest last week was brought to Armenia in a closed coffin. Margaryan will be burried Saturday at Yerablur, cemetery of Karabakh war veterans.


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