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 January 16, 2004 

Tigran Torosyan is among Assembly members uneasy with a reference to Karabakh as "conquered".

The Council Speaks: Resolution on Armenia mostly favorable except concerning "conquered territories"

A proposed resolution by the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe includes wording about Karabakh that have some National Assembly members concerned over the message it sends.

A sub-paragraph in the 28-paragraph report says: "There was no progress in negotiations on the settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and other conquered territories."

"We must do everything possible so that this resolution won't be put to vote in that form," stated the National Assembly's Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Armen Rustamyan.

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Access Denied: Armenian officers refused entry for NATO meeting in Baku

A military delegation from Armenia failed in its efforts to participate in "Cooperative Best Effort-2004" military training exercises planning session in Baku, Azerbaijan this week.

As part of NATO's "Partnership for Peace" program, Armenia is among countries invited to participate in training programs next September in Azerbaijan. Previous exercises were held in 2002 in Georgia and last year in Armenia. Azerbaijan did not attend the program in Armenia. On the contrary, Armenia has maintained that it will send a delegation to Azerbaijan.

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The Sargsyan Trial: Case closed in murder attempt on Minister of Defense

Former National Security Service lieutenant colonel Levon Abrahamyan has been sentenced to six years in prison for attempted murder last September of Minister of Defense Serj Sargsyan.

After five court sessions, Judge Ruben Nersisyan found Abrahamyan guilty of trying to kill Sargsyan by blowing up the Minister's car.

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Price Hike for "Blue Flame": Natural gas rates to increase in March

The Armenian Natural Monopolies Commission has approved a 1-cent raise in the price of natural gas.

At the request of the monopolist gas company "HayRusGasArd" a Russian-Armenian JSC, beginning March 1, the price of gas will go from 51 drams (about nine cents) to 59 drams (10 cents) per cubic meter.

Large-scale consumers who buy more than 10,000 cubic meters per month will not be subject to the price increase. And it is that stipulation that disappointed the gas company as it slowly works to restore natural gas service throughout the republic.

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Remembering the Magician: Fans memorialize Parajanov's 80th year

"Everything is beautiful if you look at everything through beauty."

With exactly such a look things thrown in the garbage were transformed into masterpieces of art in the hands of film director Sergey Parajanov. His ability to find beauty in everything transformed broken dishes into bouquets of glass; turned a worn-out suitcase preserved from childhood into an elephant.

This year Sergey Parajanov would have become 80 years old. The internationally-acclaimed artist died in 1990 at the age of 66, following years of Soviet persecution.

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Help at Home: Government To Encourage Armenian Families To Raise Orphans

The Armenian government approved on Thursday a scheme designed to encourage local families to accept and raise children from state-run orphanages, promising to reward them with financial assistance.

The move followed a major toughening of procedures for the adoption of Armenian children by foreign nationals which was announced by ministers late last month.

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Outside Eye: A non-Armenian's view of life in his adopted home

It is the dead of winter.

Daggers of ice hang from drainage pipes above sidewalks buried under a half-foot of snow. The thermometer on the Opera House begins its display with a minus sign and citizens of Yerevan carry the seasonal slump of cold air's unseen burden.

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Pyunic heads to Moscow for CIS Cup

On January 17 winners of the local leagues of all 15 former Soviet republics and Russian U-19 teams will meet at the CIS Cup competition in Moscow. It is the 11th year of Cup competition.


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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


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Plowed Under

Heavy snow has made it a week of digging out, including scrapping the white stuff from the new walkways on Republic Square.



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