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February 20, 2004

Starting Over: Expelled Armenians seek to re-create what they lost in Karabakh

Before emptying his glass of vodka, Yeghish Markosyan lifts his eyes to the sky and declares: “Hail to that white-beard! I can't see Him but He can see me and He has saved us to the seventh generation.”

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Measure of Confidence: Opposition steps up pressure for a referendum on Kocharyan's presidency

A boycott of the National Assembly by deputies from the oppositional Ardarutiun (Justice) and Azgayin Miabanutiun (National Unity) parties has been continuing for nearly three weeks in an effort to force a referendum on the rule of President Robert Kocharyan.

The 25 deputies insist that they will not return to Parliament until the ruling majority confirms that it is prepared to start debates on the adoption of a referendum law.

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Outside Eye: A non-Armenian's view of life in his adopted home

Last week I listed reasons to be cheerful about the state of life in Armenia . So this week, here's the flipside.

The political culture in Armenia, by comparison with developments across many other spheres, remains stunted and immature. Indeed, it has decayed considerably since the heady days of the liberation struggle of the late 1980s, when the collective wit and political wisdom of the Karabakh Committee succeeded in challenging and eventually collapsing a totalitarian empire.

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Sweet Message: Cancer awareness campaign says it with chocolates

A new fundraising campaign aims to raise public awareness of breast cancer in Armenia by publicizing its message on specially created chocolate boxes.

The Armenian-American Wellness Center in Yerevan (AAWC) hopes the pink heart-shaped boxes will be prized for its symbolism as well as the taste of its contents.

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Walking the Talk: A Karabakh campaigner takes his message to the world

With cowboy hat on his head and rucksack slung over his shoulder, 71-year-old Sergey Martirosyan walks briskly along the streets of Yerevan. It is the same speed that he has used to travel 45,000 kilometers through 67 countries of the world over the past 10 years to publicize the cause of Nagorno Karabakh.

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“Fresh Blood”: New journal hopes to (routinely) make foreign writers available in Armenian

“Self-absorbed literature is rotting just like the self-absorbed idea,” says the editorial in Armenia 's new periodical, “Foreign Literature”.

With the purpose to stay away from rotten thoughts and self-absorbed literature, on January 25 the first issue of the journal was published with a brand new style and new ideas.

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Floral displays: Business blooms as the first flowers of spring make their appearance

Each winter, in February, Martina Danielyan, her children and grandchildren collect spring flowers of snowdrops, violets, pansies in Georgia .

Martina braids the flowers into bouquets, making about 500 or 600 in total, each one containing 25 to 50 blooms. Then she wraps them in newspapers, packs them in bags and heads off to sell them in Yerevan .

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Sports: Magyars prove too strong for Armenia

Armenia suffered a 0-2 defeat against Hungary in their opening game of the Cyprus Football Association Eight International Tournament.

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Matters of the Heart: The “prenup” comes to Armenia in new code on the family

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Medical Malpractice: Writers' Union accuses district government of stealing its hospital

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Ombudsman Appointed

Ombudsmanship proves to be women's job in South Caucasus. Larisa Alaverdyan, Armenia's first ombudsman, was appointed by President Kocharyan, Thursday, February 19. Armenia is the third country of the region to appoint a woman for this position of human rights protector.


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