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June 04, 2004

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Village of Discontent : Residents of Dimitrov charge they are being mistreated

During Soviet times Ararat Region’s Dimitrov village was populated mainly by Assyrians. There were also Armenians living in the village, but just a few. After Armenia became independent or, as villagers say, “in the years of perestroika”, many people left, mostly the Assyrians.

Today, there is either 1,550 villagers or 550, depending on who you listen to. The higher number comes from village head Ludwig Khlkhatyan, who cites the total registered residents. Villagers say the true population is closer to the lower number, about 30 percent of which are Assyrian, and others refugees from Azerbaijan.

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Fighting for Life: “I couldn’t bury my daughter alive”

The little girl who has few reasons to smile is holding a ball that says: “ Smile ! Jesus loves you!”

Liana, age 10, was not expected to be alive by now. She has acute myelogenous leucosis, one of the most fatal forms of leukemia.

Four months ago doctors told her father that the girl was too sick to even bother staying in hospital. They told him to take her home. To die.

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Aired Out: Armenia Aviation grounded

The clue to the state of Armenia’s civil aviation industry can be found in Equatorial Guinea, where six Armenian pilots are expected to stand trial shortly, accused of spying and plotting a coup d’etat.

The pilots deny these charges, and the Armenian government claims that they were in the area for perfectly innocent reasons. Foreign ministry spokesman Gamlet Gasparyan said that dozens of Armenian pilots are being forced to find work in Africa because the state aviation company Armenian Airlines, AA, has been declared bankrupt and is facing a Russian takeover.

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Old Message in Old Language: Koran to be made available in Armenian

Even though poet and translator Eduard Hakhverdyan is author of many books and translations, he confesses that the last work he had been ordered was the most responsible one in his life. The Embassy of Iran commissioned Hakhverdyan to produce an Armenian version of the Holy Koran.

“I was in a situation like the one the painters are in when they look at the white canvass for days and months and only then start creating,” Hakhverdyan says.

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According to Agnes


Going Nowhere: Armenian refugees flee to Azerbaijan in odd plea for asylum

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Village of Discontent : Residents of Dimitrov charge they are being mistreated

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A Byte with...

Shushan Petrosyan

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