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 May 23, 2003 

Friday Bulletin: Human rights report calls for end of election abuse

Should a place in one of these chairs come with immunity against prosecution?

Parliamentary Elections: Do the chosen ones need protection?

Sunday (May 25) Armenians will vote to fill 131 seats in the National Assembly. They will choose among 1,485 candidates, more than 11 per seat.

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Outside Eye: A non-Armenian's view of life in his adopted home

Sunday is another election in Armenia and we all know what that means.

That's right. Another chance for several hundred foreigners to pour into town on tax-payer expense accounts, tell the world what a screwed up place this is, then go back to their campaign perfect homes. Like (home of the "dimpled" ballot) Florida, for example.

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Ringing in Reality: "Last Bell" isn't what it used to be

Today (May 23) another tradition in Armenia was marked, as "Last Bell" signaled the end of school.

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Legend over Love: Old myths stymie matrimony during "bad" month

On typical weekends in the center of Yerevan the noise of blaring car horns circling Republic Square signal the joy of matrimony as young couples celebrate their wedding day.

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Shared Suffering: Greeks mark their own day of tragedy at Genocide Memorial

Every year on May 19 Nikolaidi Fruntik of Yerevan meets his relatives near Kievyan bridge and together they walk to Tsitsernakaberd memorial to lay flowers.

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Sports: FIFA Chief in town to inaugurate renovated stadium


President of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) Joseph Sepp Blatter came to Yerevan yesterday for a two day visit and to attend the reopening of Malatia Stadium.

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 Table Tennis (World Championships)
 Greco-Roman Wrestling (European Championships)

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According to Agnes
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Age and Wage: New law offers social change but also social concern

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Healthy Outlook: Visitors to Day Center find new view on mental disorder

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Space to Grow: US cooperation gives boost to astro research

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  Photo of the week
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  Happy Birthday Chuck


Charles Aznavour was in Yerevan Thursday to celebrate his 79th birthday. The French recording artist (and "Ararat" film star) was welcomed by fans and dignitaries.


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