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March 26, 2004

Outside Eye: An inside report on our HyeSanta project

Spring has arrived, and with it relief and hope. A good time to report that promises made during our winter-time charity drive are now being fulfilled.

In January, ArmeniaNow readers pledged $5,000 in response to our “HyeSanta” project. We are pleased to offer this report of how your money was spent and look forward to refining our efforts next winter to effectively accommodate your generosity.

Remember David Antonyan and his family (click here for the story)? In the near future 15-year old David, who has been supporting his family selling bottles, will have a chance to attend technical school (perhaps in computer training), financed by HyeSanta.
  • The Yeremyan family live in a basement (click here for the story). The floor, rotted from flood, will soon be replaced and repairs made to prevent further damage.
  • At the Haghtanak Home for Elderly (click here for the story), the old folks wanted underwear. Well, truth is, they wanted a new television. But in a society where community property has a way of being “overseen” by the nearest public authority, we decided something else might be a better idea.

    Caretakers at the home suggested underwear. Can't get more basic than that. So, residents of Haghtanak (it means “victory”) Home, enjoy your new personals, courtesy of HyeSanta!

Mary Mezhlumyan of Kapan lost both arms during the Karabakh war (click here for the story). When she was a child, an American aid agency paid for her to get prosthetics. She has since outgrown the artificial arms.

Mary wants to use the $500 contributed to her, to open a savings account she will keep until she finds enough money to get new arms. She may never save enough on her own. Write to us if you want to add to her account.

•  The Saint Sargis Church of Noyemberyan was damaged by earthquake (click here for the story) and is no longer safe for worship services. Parishioners now meet in the rectory. They stand. They'd like to sit. Soon they will, on chairs purchased by ArmeniaNow readers.

•  The Qanaqer-Zeitun orphanage is relatively well cared for by help from a few sponsors. Its heating system could be more efficient (click here for the story), but maybe before it is needed again, those problems will be solved. Meanwhile, HyeSanta will help out in the kitchen, purchasing utensils, pots, pans.

At the Abovian Prison for boys and women, juveniles are encouraged to participate in an arts program (click here to read the story). The director of the program wants to expand into woodcrafts. HyeSanta will help buy necessary equipment and supplies.

Three other sources are still under negotiation and will soon receive their help, after which we'll tell you about it.

And in the coming weeks, we will give you opportunities to support the overall work of ArmeniaNow, as we continue our efforts to encourage and produce journalism that, we hope, makes a difference.

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