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July 16, 2004

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Two Months, No Answers: Haglund family says “someone has gotten away with murder”

By John Hughes
ArmeniaNow reporter

The family of an American murdered in Armenia two months ago says it remains “determined to find answers and have justice served”.

Investigators in Armenia, however, are giving no information on whether such answers exist or whether justice is near.

Joshua Haglund, a citizen of the United States from Wisconsin, was stabbed to death outside his Yerevan apartment in the evening of May 17. He is believed to be the first American murdered in Armenia.

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Banana Republic?: Local fruit prices soar to all-time high due to damaged crops

By Marianna Grigoryan
ArmeniaNow reporter

Geghetsik Sargsyan, who apart from being an engineer is known for preserving produce, says she is “unemployed” this year.

“During previous years, good Armenian housewives already had various jams and canned goods prepared by July,” says Geghetsik. “But this year everything has become so expensive that people cannot even buy a couple of kilos of fruit for their children, let alone thinking about making preserves.”

This season, the price of cherries ranges from 600-1200 drams (about $1-2) per kilo, plums at 500-600 and apricots at 700-2000 drams (depending on quality).

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Summer in the City

With Friday temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit), little boys and big girls found relief in the fountains of Republic Square.



A Byte with...

Michael Pogosyan

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