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February 13, 2004


Stirring Words: Dashnak leader's criticisms spark controversy with ruling coalition partners

A leading member of the Armenia bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF/ Dashnaksutiun) stirred controversy this week at the party's 29th general assembly.

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Street Fighting: Residents say they are paying the price of Yerevan's prestige landmark

When the idea of constructing North Avenue was first announced publicly, the then Mayor of Yerevan, Robert Nazaryan, told journalists: “No matter what we do, we will face criticism.”

The mayor's prediction has been borne out fully in the two years since then, with criticism rising to dissatisfaction then to indignation and finally into daily protests during the past month by hundreds of tenants whose homes are being demolished to create North Avenue.

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Home from home: Citizens of Armenia are forced to leave Turkmenistan

Having gathered all of their belongings into several shuttle trunks, 92 Armenians left their homes to return to their homeland.

The citizens of Armenia , among them 32 children, were repatriated by plane from Turkmenistan , where five years ago a change in the law had turned them into illegal residents. Yerevan welcomed them on the first night of February with sharp cold and bleak hopes for a better life.

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Murder Mystery: Hotel staff allege police brutality in inquiry over a corpse that may not exist

Employees of a hotel owned by a prominent businessman have filed complaints of brutality, torture and false imprisonment against police investigating an alleged murder.

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Street Fighting: Residents say they are paying the price of Yerevan 's prestige landmark.

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Home from home: Citizens of Armenia are forced to leave Turkmenistan.

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Special Delivery

You wait 12 years for a baby and then three come along at once...Karina Maisuradze-Gevorkyan became the proud mother of triplets, two girls and one boy, on February 5 at Yerevan's Maternity Research Center. Karina had been trying to have a child for 12 years without success before approaching the center and undergoing fertility treatment.



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