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February 13, 2004



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WRITERS BLOCKED: The Union of Writers of Armenia has lodged a claim with the court of first instance of Yerevan's Arabkir community, protesting against an illegal sale of the "Magnolia" outpatient clinic, which belonged to the Union , reported Arminfo on February 11.

The outpatient clinic, which served 400 writers free of charge, was sold for 4.3 million drams ($7,680) by the Arabkir District administration on January 8, 2004 . The buyer has not been named.

Levon Baghdasarian, lawyer of the Union of Writers, said that under Article 18 of the “Law on privatization of state property" the outpatient clinic should have been sold directly to its founder. Now the Union 's concern is its holiday-home in Sevan, which has already been claimed.

INTERNET WORLD-CITIZENS: The opening of a new internet-portal for Armenia 's schools will allow the children to feel themselves as citizens of the world. The British Council, working with Project Harmony, will create a "Global Gateway" to give schools the chance to keep in contact with British schools on-line. Project Harmony seriously and intensively works on connecting Armenia 's schools to Internet.

“The goal is that students and school-children Great Britain and Armenia have the idea of being a world citizen,” said Roger Budd, the British Council's director in Armenia , at a press conference on February 9.

NEW STAR: Armenian singer Lilit Pipoyan is now abroad giving a number of concerts. She has already performed in Boston and Iowa , and will give her next concert in New York , reported the Planet Abide website. Her concert program presents her old and new songs including ones from her second CD album “One Day of the City”, which was released in 2003.

SONGS FOR EVERYONE: Soon will be ready a most interesting album by Ruben Hakhverdian called “For Children From 0 to 100”. By March 1, he'll take the master disc recording to Moscow for pressing 20,000 copies. This album will then be launched in Yerevan before Hakhverdian leaves for the US to make its second presentation.


On Yerevan Stages …

February 13 : New Performance Eduardo de Phillippo "Hat", directed by Hrach Harutiunyan Yerevan Dramatic Theatre.

February 21 : Alfred Schnitke “Concerto for Chorus” Armenian Chamber Choir directed by Robert Mlkeyan. Komitas Chamber Music Hall



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Street Fighting: Residents say they are paying the price of Yerevan 's prestige landmark.

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Home from home: Citizens of Armenia are forced to leave Turkmenistan.

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You wait 12 years for a baby and then three come along at once...Karina Maisuradze-Gevorkyan became the proud mother of triplets, two girls and one boy, on February 5 at Yerevan's Maternity Research Center. Karina had been trying to have a child for 12 years without success before approaching the center and undergoing fertility treatment.




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