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April 02, 2004


Opposed to Opposition: Prosecutor’s Office takes action against Justice Bloc

By Nane Makuchyan

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Armenia has begun criminal proceedings against the Justice Bloc, a coalition of political parties that oppose the current government regime.

Over the past several weeks, oppositional parties have been rallying support and calling for a change of power. Now, those actions are being called illegal, and a threat to internal stability.

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Human Rights Activist Beaten: Attack comes as oppositional parties begin anti-governmental campaign

By Julia Hakobyan

A well-known Armenian human rights activist remains in hospital, suffering wounds inflicted when he was attacked Tuesday morning in Yerevan.

Mikael Danielyan, 45, Chairman of the Armenian Office of Vienna based Helsinki Association was attacked by four unknown men outside his home on Papazyan Street, while walking his dog. His assailants attacked Danielyan from behind, knocked him down, then kicked him until he lost consciousness.

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Two Years Minus

Today (April 2) was marked as the two-year anniversary of television station A1-Plus being removed from the airwaves in Armenia. The oppositional station has been denied a license despite repeated bids, and is seen by many as evidence of government suppression. It has continued its news service at


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