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April 02, 2004


Arts Digest : A capsule review and preview of art and entertainment in Armenia

ARTIFACTS IN RETURN OF THE DEBT: Erebuni museum, where thousands of artifacts discovered during archeological excavations in the outskirts of Yerevan are stored, breathed with relief after paying some 600,000 Drams ($1080) in water and sewage utility debts. Earlier the utility threatened to ask a court to confiscate one of the artifacts in return of the debt, reported Armenpress on March 31.

ARMENIAN FILM SCREENED IN FRANCE: Mother Armenia documentary, shot by French journalist Maite Jardin, was screened in Chaville, France. The film was shown on the initiative of the local Armenian commission for culture and church, reported by on March 31.

According to Haraj Armenian newspaper in Paris, the film presents today's life of residents of Armenian villages, as well as Gyumri. "The film was the outcome of two visits of Maite Jardin to Armenia. It expresses her attitude toward the country, with which she is in love and where she dreams to settle down," the newspaper writes. The film is expected to be shown via one of the French TV channels in the future.

AVET TERTERIAN STAR OF THE YEAR Avet Terterian was awarded by German Az-Abendzeitung newspaper the title of Star of the Year for his opera “The Earthquake” a ccording to news agency Armenpress. The world premiere of the Armenian composer's opera was held on March 16, 2003 at Munich's Gertnerplatz theater. The opera's libretto was written by Gerta Stecher together with Terterian.

Terterian's creativity is rooted in the ancient traditions of Armenian music. Melodic flourishes are present, but are used as sound gestures contrasting with passages rich in tone color. The point of departure of Terterian's style is often a single tone held out over long stretches of time.

Terterian was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1929 and died in 1994 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. He graduated from Yerevan Conservatory and wrote 8 symphonies, two operas, a ballet and many other works.

HANDS OF HOPE On March 21, 2004 the Progress Center (in Brussels) hosted the exhibition titled "Hands of Hope". Many persons of different nationalities participated in the workshop of the exhibition. They put their fingers in the paint of different colors and then put the handprints on paper and wrote on it about their wishes and their hopes. Besides this exhibition the Progress Center organized a permanent exhibition of painting of children who study at the Progress Center. The Center was established by Levon and Irina Muradian in 2000. The Progress Center, which was initially only an Armenian School, has widened its range of activities and offers lessons of painting, music, foreign languages, history and culture of Belgium.

ART FOR ECOLOGY: Among 1000 pictures presented at the Moscow art show dedicated to ecology, works of Armenian painters Armine Kalents, Seda Bekarian, Susan Hakobian, Serine Bekjanian and Marta Ayvazian will be exhibited, reported Panarmenia network on March 27.

WAR IN ART, “TIME TO LIVE” Recently, a book comprising works of authors of 5 different nationalities of the South Caucasus has been published in the British city of Maicop. The project was sponsored by the European Union and backed by the British government and British Community Foundation, reported Yerkir online on March 26.

The authors, Guram Ordisharia ( Georgia) and Batal Kobakhia (Abkhazia) have used the literary material on the regional military conflicts released within the past ten years. Among the 17 authors of the Russian version of the book, 6 are Armenians: Levon Khechoyan, Ara Nazaretian, Susanna Harutiunian, Hovhannes Yeranian, Mikhael Abadjiants, and Vardges Hovian. The book is aimed at contribution to the peaceful settlement of conflicts in the region through literary relations.


April 2, 3, 4 Paronyan Theatre , performances of Moscow State Academic Theatre named after Yevgeni Vakhtangov, actors Vasili Lanovoy and Yevgeni Knyazev will present “Dedication to Eve”. Artistic director: Mikhayel Ulyanov. Ticket cost 500-6000 AMD.

April 3, 6, 10 Chamber Music Hall, Week- Festival of Oboe Organized by National Chamber Orchestra, with participation of Canadian musician Alexandra Pohran Dokins, conducted by Aram Gharabekyan. Ticket cost 500-2000 AMD.

April 4-10 National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Premiere of Ballet “Gayane” with decorations of painter Minas Avetisyan. Performance Ballet master Vilen Galstyan, artistic director Gegham Grigoryan. Ticket cost 2000-5000 AMD.

April 10 Karen Demirchyan Complex , Concert of Russian pop group “Viagra”. Ticket cost 1500-5000 AMD.

April 11 Aram Khachaturyan Philharmonic Concert Hall, Premier of the Argentine composer Piazola’s masterpieces, which will be presented by musicians Armen Babakhanyan, Hakob Jaghatspanyan … , Ticket cost 600-3000 AMD

April 15 National Opera and Ballet Theatre, concert of the young composer Edgar Gyanjumyan “About Love” with participation of pop stars Shushan Petrosyan, Nune Yesayan, Susan Margaryan, Alla Levonyan. Ticket cost 1000-5000 AMD.


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Two Years Minus

Today (April 2) was marked as the two-year anniversary of television station A1-Plus being removed from the airwaves in Armenia. The oppositional station has been denied a license despite repeated bids, and is seen by many as evidence of government suppression. It has continued its news service at



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