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 December 26 , 2003 


From Us to You and You to Others wishes all a Happy New Year. We will take a short holiday break and return with fresh news and features on January 9.

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Black life: "I'm neither sick nor alive"

Photo Gallery by Ruben Mangasaryan

From the streets Lida collects whatever she can find to burn in her stove. And, as plastic bags are most of all scattered in the streets of Bagratashen, polyethylene becomes the main fuel.

Lida Gadyan, 39, is a refugee from Baku, where she worked as a dishwasher in a canteen. This year she has moved from a wagon, where she used to live, to an apartment recently built in the Bagratashen's district constructed especially for refugees.

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Spirited Spending: For many, money worries are lost to holiday cheer as Yerevan becomes a New Year shopping bazaar

Through the overlaid smoke of wood-burning stoves, Yerevan is smiling with holiday spirit. Holiday trees - this year more artificial ones than in the past - and the usual barrels full of nuts and fruits are a seasonal market for businesses looking to cash in on few weeks of un-cautious spending that begins about December 20 and last through Christmas (January 6) and even Old New Year (January 13).

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Charges Over Charges: Another week of disputes with Armentel

Last week, at least four disputes arose simultaneously over Armenia's telecommunication provider, Armentel, confusing customers and sparking lawsuits.

The Greek-owned OTE company, Armentel's main share holder, announced that beginning January 1 the per-minute charge for landline use would double to eight drams (a little more than a penny).

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