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May 7, 2004

Features: People and events of interest

Hometown Dispute: Family faces displacement over residency status

Levon Galstyan’s family are not refugees of war, but of natural disaster. They are Armenians who escaped Gyumri on December 9, 1988, two days after earthquake ruined their home.

They came to Yerevan, where they moved into a landmark of the capital, the “Corncob” building, officially known as Yerevan Youth Palace.

As aggressions intensified between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Karabakh, hundreds of Armenians from Azerbaijan also moved into the hostel.

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Life on the Outskirts: Margara village would be first to enjoy open border

Along a 15-kilometer stretch of the Armavir region, a barbed wire fence and the Araks river separates Armenia from Turkey, with the village of Margara the last spot on the Armenian side.

“See, that is the bridge and that is a Turkish soldier,” says Deputy Head of Margara village Gharib Tadevosyan, pointing to a frontier guard post.

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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


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International annual exhibition Jewelry-2004 was opened May 6 presenting works of some 50 jewelry-making and diamond-cutting companies. Among guests was President Robert Kocharyan who expressed his high appreciation of the works of Armenian jewelers.


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