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 September 26, 2003 

"Hot Culture": Performance festivals welcome foreign talent and new theaters

Solo performance requires solo preparation..

The "ArmMono" Mono performance (monologues), the First International Theatrical Festival, has begun in Yerevan and will continue through the weekend, offering performances by local and foreign artists.

More than 20 participants from Russia, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine, Macedonia, Lithuania, Japan, Argentina and, of course, Armenia will be demonstrating their artistic talents and exchanging their experience with young students and colleagues.

"Politicians promise a hot political autumn, but unlike them we are going to make the Armenian autumn culturally hot," says organizer of ArmMono festival, art director of Paronyan Theatre Yervand Ghazanchyan.

A day after the Mono Performance Festival closes another "Hayfest" International Theatrical Festival will begin and last until October 9. The conclusion of the festival will feature the opening of the newly reconstructed theaters in Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor.

Artists from several countries came to Yerevan to present their monologues.

Participants of ArmMono festival are famous actors and laureates of different International competitions: Bieta Ehlers from Germany, who won the first prize in Kiev, Yelena Lestnikova from Ukraine, who was awarded last year "The Best Actress" in Germany, as well as others such as Lithuanian actress Birute Mar, who is also a first prize winner.

"This festival gives an opportunity to audience to enjoy various shows performed by different artists, as well as our artists have a good chance to show their art and skills to their colleagues from abroad, and organizers of famous festivals" says art director of the Festival Hakob Ghazanchyan.

ArmMono jury members are prominent artists such as Valri Khazanov from Russia, Nina Mazur from Ukraine, Leonid Zutovich from Germany, and it is hoped that contact with them will bring invitations for Armenian artists to such festivals abroad.

The opening ceremony of the festival took place at Paronyan Theatre, where after greeting speeches, guests were treated to a performance of Vardan Petrosyans' "In a Blaze", which during August and September played to full houses in Yerevan.

Actor Petrosyan says he appreciates the idea of festival assuring that it is not only of great importance for Armenian audience but for foreigners as well.

"It seems that there is nothing interesting here for foreign artists from developed countries, who lead rich lives. In this terrible era of technologies they need soul, the soul that hasn't died yet in our art."

According to Agnes
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