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 September 19, 2003 



Arts Digest : A capsule review and preview of art and entertainment in Armenia .

Robbery of the century 21 outstanding canvases of prominent Armenian painter Alexander Bajbeuk- Melikyan were stolen from his daughter's apartment Lavinia Bajbeuk- Melikyan while she was out of the country. Police has started investigation.To return the paintings to the owner is not only the matter of fighting crimes but also a national dignity issue, opinion expressed by art critic Karen Michaelyan.

Armenian- Lithuanian "Entrance" Within the framework of Lithuanian president Rolandas Paksas visit Armenian cinematographers had a chance to meet their prominent colleagues, Lithuanian actors Donatas Banionis and Regimantas Adomaytis. They are well known to Armenian public by the popular Soviet movies.
The meeting was crowned by introduction of Ludmila Sahakyan movie "Entrance", with Regimantas Adomaytis starring.

Politicized Art On 15 September the exhibition "Politics under 180 degrees" has opened at the Experimental Contemporary Art Center.Were exhibited paintings, photographs, video and decorative installations, that present the disastrous consequences of politics for society worldwide.
In David Kareyan's art work men in cages are suffering of crazy developing technologies. Another performer Astghik Melkonyan by demonstrating installations with numb individuals is trying to explain the problems of young people isolated from the world

Forgotten Jubilee On 16 September the meeting commemorating famous dramatist Jora Harutiunyan was held at "Actor's house", a few days after the 75-th birthday of prominent script writer. Jora Harutunyan was the author of many popular Armenian movies as well as dramas. Well known Armenian actors in their speeches were mentioning that the jubilee of their colleague was forgotten by Armenian authorities for years.

Music for free On September 22 at Cascade complex' open stage the gala concert of pop star Nune Yesayan is to take place. This concert concludes singer's two months lasted tour through Armenian regions. All performances, including the Yerevan one, where free for audience that enjoys her interpretations of Armenian folk and pop music.



According to Agnes
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September 15, Progressive Youth Union of Armenia demonstrated its attitude towards ArmenTel by protesting in front of the buiding of the telecommunication company with posters saying, "We demand quality communication". People passing by joined the protesters trampling down telephones. No connection, no need in phones.



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