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 March 21, 2003 



Artur Petrosyan, of Yerevan, is boxing in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he has a record of 10-4-1 as a Junior Welterweight.

Petroysan scored a dramatic win earlier this month. After being knocked to the canvas in the second round, Petroysan scored a technical knock out of Francisco Corrales (9-2) with only 18 seconds left in the final (8th) round.

Football (Euro-2004)

According to, the Armenian Football Federation (AFF) received an official letter from Northern Irish Football Federation saying that the national football team of Northern Ireland would not visit Armenia if war broke out in Iraq.

The Irish were due to meet the Armenian national team on March 29 in a preliminary round match of the European Football Championship 2004.

Northern Ireland also sent its letter to UEFA, but officials insisted that matches must not be cancelled because of events in Iraq. It is possible, then, that Armenia could score a 3-point default victory.

Football (Armenian Premier League)

On March 12 Ararat returned from Adler, where it had been conducting two-week trainings.

Ararat management continues to insist that the decision made by AFF to disqualify the club from the Premier League matches was illegal.

Ararat informs that AFF was created in December 2002 and there are no legal documents signed by AFF and the club. Therefore AFF had no legal rights to disqualify the club.

Despite the ban Ararat is going to organize its own tournament.

Ararat is also going to continue its trainings and conduct friendly matches abroad. It plans to organize its own professional league of cups as well.


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  Photo of the week
  Minor Protest
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Minor Protest

Members of "Mister and Miss Armenia", an organization that produces children's pageants and contests held a beauty protest outside the United States Embassy in Yerevan Thursday. The kids recently were in Iraq, and wanted to demonstrate their feelings to the US presence here.



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