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 January 9 , 2004 


HyeSanta Update

Dear ArmeniaNow readers

By our next issue (after checks and transfers clear) we should be able to announce the final total of our HyeSanta holiday help for the needy project. is very grateful to our readers who have helped our efforts to be a positive presence in this community.

After consulting with aid workers who assisted us in this project, we will distribute the funds with discretion and care and report the conclusions in a later issue.



HyeSanta Helpers

  Nana and Paul Alcock
George Omartian
Gaik Ambartsoumian
John Hovanesian
Mark Seto Reisian
Vahan Grigoryan
Daniel Kalantar
David Dowell
Vartges Saroyan
Movses Movsisyan
Barbara Nelles
Bedross Der Matossian
Razmik Vartanian

Joe Yalkezian
Anna Farra
John Aidiniantz
Sossy Shahinian
Chake and Houry Berberian
Razmik Hartounian
Hagop Koushakjian
Avanes Hovsepian
Armen Grigorian
Arax Badalian
SN Kurkjian
Hagop Manougian
Harout Topsacalian


Oshin Ghookhassian Michael Candan
Razmik Hartounian
Hagop Koushakjian
The Ladies Committee of St. Sarkis Church, London






According to Agnes
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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


  Photo of the week
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Amber Square?

All dressed up for the holidays, Republic Square has never looked so rosey (well not since it was "Lenin Square" anyway). In addition to its giant holiday tree, this year all government buildings were lit, casting a soft glow in the moist Yerevan nights.




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