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 October 17, 2003 

Sports: Zero-Quatro evening for Armenia against Spain

"High fives" for four goals..

Armenia's last football match of EURO-2004 qualifying, ended in a shutout by Spain, 0-4 at Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium last Friday evening.

The match hardly mattered for qualifying, as previous loses had already eliminated the national team from EURO participation next year in Portugal.

Spain, one of the world's top teams, needed only seven minutes for Juan Valeron to score the only goal his side would need to put away the Armenians.

The host team gathered itself after the quick goal however and held on, led by brilliant play by keeper Roman Berezovsky, facing such international stars as Raul Gonzalez and his mates.

The Armenians stymied the Spaniards' attacks for 69 minutes, until Raul scored, after which the Armenian team collapsed into a "nothing to lose" attitude that gave up goals at 87 and 90 minutes, both by Reyes Calderon.

Despite their victory in Yerevan, Spain has not yet secured its place in EURO 2004. It must face Norway in two-game playoff next month.


According to Agnes
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