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 October 17, 2003 



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Celebrating Aram Khachaturyan's centenary. An international festival "Prospects of the 21st century" dedicated to Aram Khachaturyan's 100th anniversary will be held in Yerevan through the next month.

Musicians from around the world are expected to perform compositions of Khachaturyan as well as other Armenian and West-European composers.

The organization of the extended festival is in reaction to the classical music community's concern that the Ministry of Culture in Armenia has not done enough to honor its famous composer.

Celebrating Don Askaryan's movies.
During the coming week, Nairy Cinema in Yerevan will feature several films shot by Armenian producer Don Askaryan.

Born in Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh, Askaryan studied in Moscow and in 1975-1977 he was imprisoned for his progressive and anti-Soviet thoughts.

He returned to Armenia in 1978 and for the past 20 years he has been living and working in Germany. He is a prize winner of several international film festivals.

Askaryan's films have been successful in Germany, Japan, Holland, and England.

"Magic realism", is how a number of critics characterize his artistic works. The director himself calls his shooting method "creation of new reality".

In 1985-1988 he shot "Komitas", which won several prizes at international film festivals.

In 1996 Askaryan's book "Dangerous Light" was published in Armenia. The book includes his scripts and essays as well as interviews and reviews from world press.

In 1998-2000 Askaryan produced documentaries "Parajanov" and "Musicians". His latest feature (2001) was "On the Old Roman Road".

Honoring concert.
A charity concert devoted to young Opera and Chamber singer Suren Zurabyan will be held in Conservatory Opera Studio October18. Zurabyan was injured earlier this year in a car accident. His musician friends organized the concert to raise money for producing Zurabyan's CD.

On Yerevan stages …

October 18.
"Under 44 degrees" performance will take place in Sos Sargsyan's Hamazgayin Theatre. The performance is directed by young artist Zohrab Bek-Gasparents and addresses major problems of contemporary Armenia's social, political and spiritual life. The popular production is in its second year of performance.

October 24.
The newly reconstructed Dramatic Theater will open its 34th season with "Jesus Christ and his Second Disciple".

October 22.
Russian pop group "Ruki Vverkh" perform at Demirchyan Center in Yerevan.


According to Agnes
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