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 March 14, 2003 

From our readers

Thank you for the article. A reminder we have to be realistic and the President to stop terrorizing "his" people. But as George Harrison said: ALL THINGS MUST PASS.

Samvel Mkrtchian

. . . I hope our president has read this article.

Thank you.
Liana Mikaelyans

. . . your letter to Kocharyan is the best thing I read last couple weeks!

Garen Melikyan

. . . thanks for your letter to Mr. Kocharian. I truly HOPE that he
will consider to rectify at least SOME of the issues you talk about.

Armenia now has been keeping me in touch with Armenia, until I
return to Yerevan (as I do every year) this summer.

Janet Mouradian

I just want to say Suren Deheryan that your article was good reading. I have seen cemeteries in Yerevan that take up at least 5 times the numbers of plots allowed here in the United States. It's good to read an article from Armenia about things that really matter.

Darwin Jamgochian
Southbury, Ct


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  Photo of the week
  Blooming Mad
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Blooming Mad

March 8 is always the Day of Women in Armenia. This year, however, it was the Day of Angry Women, as a few thousand took their bouquets into the streets to protest last week's Presidential runoff election.



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