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 March 7, 2003 

From our readers

Accidentally I came cross to your website. For the last one hour I keep reading regarding your independent political remarks and archives.

I call it a proper achievement in journalism. Keep up the good work my Armenian friends.

Best wishes,
Harout A.Ghazalian
Toronto Canada

I have to agree that this eye is really looking from "outside." Commenting on Armenia's reported 12% economic growth rate, John observes that "12% of nothing is still nothing..."

Are you serious? Is "nothing" the improvement in Armenia's economy, or in the lives and prospects of many of its people in the past year? In the past 3 years?

. . . Sure a big part of the population still lives in devastating poverty, but give a little credit. We have an important and believable statistic to take heart from, and to give us all a little hope.

So why can't you let us feel good John?

I think I understand. And by golly I am just going to come out and say it.

The corrupt, press-bashing government of this rotten little banana republic has actually exiled John to Siberia, and from his bleak prison cell come these observations on Armenia.

Perhaps someday with appropriate "regime change" he will find his way back to have a first hand look. He'll be pretty shocked at what he finds.

Who knows. Maybe he will even write about it.

James Tufenkian
New York/Yerevan

I just read your (Outside Eye) in the Feb 28th edition of ArmeniaNow. Clearly, your commentary is one all Armenians need to read. Please keep up the good work.

Harb Garabedian
Dalton, MA USA

I do appreciate your web page and effort to report balance new, thank you.

Thank you

I'd like to thank you for presenting me with he only unbiased news
I can get from my country. I love to tell people I'm Armenian, I say it with
pride, foreigners are impressed with our low crime rates and apparent care
for each other . . .

What I read now makes me ashamed to call myself Armenian.


Harmio Azarino

The Feb. 28 article entitled "War Wounds: Veteran of famous brigade still fighting for survival" could not have been more confusing. I fail to see what the writer was trying to achieve with an article which singled out one former freedom fighter's unfortunate situation after the war.

. . . Overall I thought this was a misleading and bad article.

Pedro Zarokian

. . . I wanted to thank all of you for creating such a wonderful website, besides it's great design, it contains fantastic factual and objective information. Which is quite refreshing being that majority of website are so blindly patriotic and naively optimistic are dare I say at times ignorant.

My wish is that one day Armenians will get themselves together and elect intelligent officials to run this forever troubled government.

I hope you keep coming up with the information from a perspective and against the mainstream media, because it's different when it's heard from "nicely fed" Armenians here.

Keep up the great work guys and girls !!! Aghchkerk, yes dzes shatem harkum!



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