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About Us is published by New Times Journalism Training Center, a Non-Governmental Organization in Yerevan, Armenia.

The weekly website exists as a newsroom laboratory in which journalists and editors in Armenia are taught the application of methodology and theory of Western journalism.

Our goal is to produce real change in the approach of local journalists by immersing them in long-term training that makes clear how Western-style reporting works and what benefits it can bring when applied to subjects in Armenia.

ArmeniaNow hopes to influence the style of journalism practiced by other publications both directly through making our material available to them free of charge, and indirectly, by taking some of their reporters and editors on short-term attachments.

The training center grew from research and experience that shows that media in Armenia lacks objectivity, as it is almost entirely financed by special interest sources - primarily, political factions. Consequently, journalists bound to the very practical need of survival, are encouraged to produce reports that satisfy the agenda of party politics.

The result is an atmosphere of distrust by readers, perpetuated by journalists and editors who, having inherited a legacy of State propaganda or opposition fanaticism, have never had a chance to practice another method.

And, while various agencies exist to teach theory, ArmeniaNow is the first publication in Armenia to offer hands-on application.

We offer a journalistic approach unique to its environment with the hope that as other institutions of the new republic emerge - business, education, law, etc. - journalism, led by the example of ArmeniaNow, eventually will follow the trend toward a democracy-based society.

ArmeniaNow journalists receive a stipend for their training and production of stories. Funding is made possible by private donations. For more information write to


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