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March 26, 2004

Say You Want a Revolution?: Opposition parties say change of power only weeks away

Armenia 's fractured and, so far, politically impotent oppositional parties are rumbling again with talk of a change of power and comparing their aim with Armenia 's break from Soviet control nearly 16 years ago.

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Money for Nothing: Town's residents pay for water, but hardly get it

With the spring sun and snow melting off rooftops, pans appear under gutters of houses in the town of Tchambarak . Residents take the water inside the four-storied apartment homes to do laundry or wash dishes.

They are not simply being frugal or eager to use natural resources. This is the delivery system for a town that has practically been without water for more than a decade.

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Outside Eye: An inside report on our HyeSanta project

Spring has arrived, and with it relief and hope. A good time to report that promises made during our winter-time charity drive are now being fulfilled.

In January, ArmeniaNow readers pledged $5,000 in response to our “HyeSanta” project. We are pleased to offer this report of how your money was spent and look forward to refining our efforts next winter to effectively accommodate your generosity.

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Caving In: A visit to one family's lakeside home

Three women are quickly walking along the shore of Yerevan Lake . Drops of water clinging onto their hair glisten in the spring sun. It is March, but they are dressed in summer clothes, which are almost completely wet.

With great effort, they drag a worn bag with the wet and gray mass of other clothes.

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Re-thinking Reality: The art of a woman out of place

The painter has pasted on canvas a picture from some western magazine with a jug, a glass and a cut lemon. Waiting for the full effect of spring, it ' s cold in her apartment on the ninth floor. It ' s even colder in the attic, the studio. The cold is even in the frozen color of the picture, which she reproduces identically, only several times bigger in size.

Karine Matsakyan is an artist who does not easily warm to the conventions of her surroundings; one caught between cultural tradition and free thought; between accepted standards and the need to expand boundaries.

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Creationists: Award-winning school exists for the art of creating

When the ambassador of the Czech Republic to Georgia visited February 16 he told students at the Yerevan Ajapaniak District Charity Children's Art School :

“I've never been in Armenia , but thanks to your paintings I got to know it and had a great desire to see it.”

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Medical Alert: Mental health patients suffer as result of import problems

Echmiadzin resident Suren Shahnazaryan has been in a desperate situation for more than a month.

Suren has had schizophrenia for more than 20 years and has controlled the disease with medication. But for more than a month it has been impossible to buy the drug he needs.

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Grounded in a Distant Land : Families of detained airline crew wonder what's happening in Equatorial Guinea

Last week the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia confirmed that six citizens of Armenia are among 20 foreigners arrested in Equatorial Guinea and accused of conspiring to overthrow the government of that country.

Ashot Karapetyan, captain of the AN-12 crew, second pilot Samvel Darbinyan, aeronautical engineer Ashot Simonyan, navigator Samvel Matchkalyan, flight engineer Razmik Khachatryan and technician-engineer Suren Muradyan, have been in custody since March 9.

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Sports: Football (UEFA European U-17 Championship)

On March 24 the Armenian Under-17 national football team suffered 2-0 defeat from England in the s econd qualifying round of the UEFA European U-17 Championships that will be taking place this May in France .

England took its early lead at 18 minutes on a penalty goal by Mark Noble. It secured victory at minute 69 on a goal by Paul Shane.

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According to Agnes


Mother of the Motherland: Armenia's inclination to Russia strengthens while neighbors lean westward

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Trouble at Home: “Month of Women” no guarantee against domestic violence

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Sex for a Song? Culture Clash?

Muslim women make their way past an Opera Square billboard that advertises "Viagra", a Russian pop trio of women whose music is less interesting than their lingerie-clad performances. Just another day in Yerevan.


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