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March 26, 2004

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Mother of the Motherland: Armenia 's inclination to Russia strengthens while neighbors lean westward

Armenia is one of a small and dwindling number of former Soviet republics that assuages, rather than aggravates, Russia 's hurt ego in what used to be its geopolitical backyard. While the special relationship between Russia and Armenia is hardly new, its increasing intensity holds important implications for the smaller country's future, as well as for the balance of power in the Caucasus and throughout what remains of Russia 's old sphere of influence.

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Trouble at Home: “Month of Women” no guarantee against domestic violence

The spring season between March 8 and April 7 has an unofficial name “Month of Women” in Armenia due to the two women's holidays. However organizations who deal with women's issues and rights say that the number of women who apply to them for help does not reduce in this spring period.

Specialists say that domestic violence has increased in recent years in Armenia partly because of unstable socio-economic conditions.

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Money for Nothing: Town's residents pay for water, but hardly get it

With the spring sun and snow melting off rooftops, pans appear under gutters of houses in the town of Tchambarak . Residents take the water inside the four-storied apartment homes to do laundry or wash dishes.

They are not simply being frugal or eager to use natural resources. This is the delivery system for a town that has practically been without water for more than a decade.

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Caving In: A visit to one family's lakeside home

Three women are quickly walking along the shore of Yerevan Lake . Drops of water clinging onto their hair glisten in the spring sun. It is March, but they are dressed in summer clothes, which are almost completely wet.

With great effort, they drag a worn bag with the wet and gray mass of other clothes.

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According to Agnes


Mother of the Motherland: Armenia's inclination to Russia strengthens while neighbors lean westward

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Trouble at Home: “Month of Women” no guarantee against domestic violence

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Sex for a Song? Culture Clash?

Muslim women make their way past an Opera Square billboard that advertises "Viagra", a Russian pop trio of women whose music is less interesting than their lingerie-clad performances. Just another day in Yerevan.


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