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March 19, 2004

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Hazardous Duty: Another conscript dies at the hands of a “comrade”

Another member of the Armenian army has died from wounds inflicted by a fellow soldier.

Private Artur Grigoryan, 18, is the latest casualty of soldier-against-soldier violence.

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Medicine on the Go: Villagers get treatment delivered to their door

In the region of Armavir, residents of the village of Janfida have gathered for a day that has been long anticipated. Doctors are coming and anxious villagers want to to be the first to be seen.

Like many areas outside major cities or towns, Janfida does not have proper medical facilities and few, if any, doctors.

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Uprooted and Ruined: Greed crisis does more damage than energy crisis to Yerevan 's “green belt”

The dramatic proliferation of street cafes in recent years has inflicted twice as much damage on Yerevan 's green belt as the severe energy crisis of the early 1990s that had forced many residents to cut trees for heating purposes, according to environmentalists.

The Social-Ecological Association, a local non-governmental organization, estimates that more than 700 hectares of green areas have been lost in the construction boom.

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According to Agnes


At Risk: Sanctions in Georgia reveal Armenia's regional vulnerability

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Medicine on the Go: Villagers get treatment delivered to their door

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Fire and Rain and a Rain of Fire

Georgian President Mikael Saakhasvili braved rain for a visit to the Genocide Memorial in Yerevan last Saturday. The next day, his motorcade was fired upon as he tried to enter Ajaria, a contentiously contested autonomous republic on Georgia's Black Sea coast.


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