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March 12, 2004


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ROCK CONCERT DEDICATED TO ARMENIAN GENOCIDE: US rock band System of a Down will perform at the Greek Theater of Los Angeles April 24 in a concert devoted to the 89 th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

As reported by the Armenian National Committee of America, the concert aims at supporting organizations who lobby the US Congress to pass legislation officially recognizing the Genocide.

Acknowledging that several international governments have recognized the Genocide, lead singer Serj Tankian said: “Now it is the turn of the US.”

WRITERS AGAINST ARABKIR DISTRICT: The minor court of Yerevan's Arabkir community has satisfied a claim lodged by the Union of Writers of Armenia, complaining against the illegal sale of the "Magnolia" outpatient clinic, which is the Union 's property.

The court invalidated a sale contract between the current owner of the outpatient clinic Sergey Meliksetyan and the Arabkir administration. The court obliged the local administration to pay 4,000 drams (about $7) to the Union of Writers and 5,000 drams to the Arabkir minor court.

AZNAVOUR AWARDED: In honor of his 80 th birthday, French singer of Armenian heritage Charles Aznavour was awarded the Belgian order of Leopold II. As reported by RIA Novosti, the decoration ceremony took place in Brussels on March 10. Minister of culture of the Francophone Society of Belgium Olivier Chastel presented the medal to the cabaret singer for the contribution to the development of the French culture. Jubilee concerts by Aznavour are planned for October in Belgium .

ARMENIAN PAINTING IN ISTANBUL : “Storm in the Sea", a painting by Hovhannes Aivazovsky, was presented among 200 works of art at an auction in Istanbul Thursday. According to Turkish media the Armenian artist's painting was the most expensive item at the auction, selling for 65 billion lire, about $49,300.

ART OF FATHER AND SON: Actor Rafayel Kotanjyan and his son, singer Mikayel Kotanjyan returned from a USA tour. Rafael Kotanjyan performed with actor Levon Sharafyan, in the play “Last Teacher”.

Kotanjyan's son, singer Michael Kotanjyan had 3 concerts and sung in 15 homes for the elderly.


March 12: Yerevan Stanislavsky theatre, performance on Alexander Pushkin's fairy tale “Golden Fish”, director Alexander Grigoryan

March 13: National Theatre of Opera and Ballet , Verdi “Traviata” , director Gegham Grigoryan.

March 13: Yerevan Dramatic theatre, M.Sovajone “Chao”, director Armen Khandikyan.

March 14: Yerevan Chamber Theatre “Kabare 1”, director Ara Yernjakyan.

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Flying High

In anticipation of this weekend's visit by Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, workers put up flags on Mashtots Avenue in Yerevan. At first, Armenian and Georgian flags were placed, but the Georgian ones had to come down when it was discovered that the design was wrong.



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