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March 5, 2004

Features: People and events of interest

Tradition in Decline: Yezidis struggle to sustain their village life

Those who visit Ferik village in Armavir region must necessarily sojourn at Khdr Dukoyan's house.

Khdr's family is not big. It consists of his mother, wife and three children which is quite strange for Yezidis who are used to having many children.

“If conditions had been good I would have made a 'football team' but today it's very hard to maintain a family,” says Khdr.

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Withered Vines: Diaspora settlers find it too hard to put down roots

“Only me and the program are left,” says Nazareth Liparityan from Lebanon , who has been living for the past five years in Ditsmayi village in the south of Karabakh's repopulated Kashatagh region.

Gevorg from Syria is the only other Armenian from the Diaspora remaining here. He married in Kashatagh and is raising three children, but he too plans to leave Ditsmayi.

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According to Agnes


War Talk: Rhetoric sharpens but renewed conflict with Azerbaijan seen as unlikely

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Counted In: Census reports final conclusions on Armenia 's population

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Coming Soon. New Armenian Church in Russian Capital.

A new Armenian church will soon open in Moscow. During his visit to Moscow Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II expressed his approval of the course of constructions.This is how Surb Khach (Saint Cross) church will look when completed.


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