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June 04, 2004


Special Report
Armenia and the Environment: The Challenges of Ecological Integrity in a Developing Republic

Any person wants to breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat ecologically clean food, and live in a safe environment. At present, all this is impossible in Armenia.

The republic has its share of environmental problems, including a nuclear power plant subject to contradicting assessments, polluted rivers, reservoirs on the verge of collapse, green zones victimized as a result of construction works.

As part of a seminar on environmental issues, a group of Armenian and foreign journalists investigated some of the problems and prepared the articles in this special section.

Split into three small groups, the journalists studied the quality of drinking water, the state of Yerevan green zones, and the Metsamor Power Plant.

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Metsamor Power Plant
Drinking Water
Yerevan Green Zone
Nuclear Power: Europe’s new concern...

At Risk in Metsamor?

Alternatives: Is Armenia’s energy...

The High Costs of Improving Yerevan’s Water Supply

A Dream or a Nightmare?

Arabkir Residents Win Law Suits ...
Good-bye, Green Yerevan

Counter Charges: Sentencing in April 13 case evokes anger and action


The conviction of a man charged with hitting police with a plastic bottle has sparked action from human rights agencies, has led to two activists’ arrests for putting up leaflets calling for his release, and has even led some individuals to write confessions that they are guilty of the same crime.

Last week an Armenian court sentenced Edgar Arakelyan, 24, to 18 months in prison for striking police with a plastic Jermuk water bottle while police were breaking up a political demonstration in the early hours of April 13.

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Fighting for Life: “I couldn’t bury my daughter alive”

The little girl who has few reasons to smile is holding a ball that says: “ Smile ! Jesus loves you!”

Liana, age 10, was not expected to be alive by now. She has acute myelogenous leucosis, one of the most fatal forms of leukemia.

Four months ago doctors told her father that the girl was too sick to even bother staying in hospital. They told him to take her home. To die.

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Outside Eye: A non-Armenian's view of life in his adopted home

Two young adults with open hearts met a young girl with need and the result can be seen in this week’s story about Liana Givargizova.

Sometimes the story behind the story is worth telling. This is that story . . .

Three years ago a Swiss-Armenian, Vicken Cheterian, had the notion to start a journalism/international studies school in Yerevan. The Swiss government thought it a good idea and put up the money and Vicken and his colleagues started the Caucasus Media Institute.

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Progress?: NKR negotiator visits Yerevan

Steven Mann, the new U.S. chief negotiator on Nagorno-Karabakh, paid an unexpected and low-key visit to Yerevan on Thursday which officials said focused on international efforts to resolve the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.

Mann had separate meetings with President Robert Kocharyan and Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian for the second time in six weeks. No details of the talks were made public, with the U.S. envoy declining to comment on the purpose of his trip and the current status of the peace process. “I am just having talks with the Armenian government,” he told RFE/RL without elaborating.

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Ageless: Pioneer of Armenian rock regroups (on cd) across continents

In the early 1980s, when rock music was still an evil in Armenia, a band formed to test the limits of “glasnost” and “perestroika” and bring the previously-forbidden music to a ready audience of rebellious youth.

Four musicians formed Thessilck in 1983, and as the controls of communism were lifted, the rock band became popular to a generation welcoming the freedom to wear jeans and listen to western music.

Many rock bands followed, but Thessilck was among the first.

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Aired Out: Armenia Aviation grounded


The clue to the state of Armenia’s civil aviation industry can be found in Equatorial Guinea, where six Armenian pilots are expected to stand trial shortly, accused of spying and plotting a coup d’etat.

The pilots deny these charges, and the Armenian government claims that they were in the area for perfectly innocent reasons. Foreign ministry spokesman Gamlet Gasparyan said that dozens of Armenian pilots are being forced to find work in Africa because the state aviation company Armenian Airlines, AA, has been declared bankrupt and is facing a Russian takeover.

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Old Message in Old Language: Koran to be made available in Armenian

Even though poet and translator Eduard Hakhverdyan is author of many books and translations, he confesses that the last work he had been ordered was the most responsible one in his life. The Embassy of Iran commissioned Hakhverdyan to produce an Armenian version of the Holy Koran.

“I was in a situation like the one the painters are in when they look at the white canvass for days and months and only then start creating,” Hakhverdyan says.

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Sports: Last of Armenian contingent falls in Paris

Hopes of an Armenian name reaching the final round at Roland Garros ended today (June 4), when David Nalbandian of Argentina lost in French Open semifinal action in three sets to countryman Gaston Gaudio 3-6, 6-7 (5), 0-6.

In results of other Armenian-affiliated action:

Magdalena Maleeva (seeded 21) of Bulgaria lost in the fourth round to Amelie Mauresmo of France (seeded 3) 2-6, 1-6.

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June 1: Armenia observes Children's Day

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According to Agnes


Going Nowhere: Armenian refugees flee to Azerbaijan in odd plea for asylum

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Village of Discontent : Residents of Dimitrov charge they are being mistreated

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A Byte with...

Shushan Petrosyan

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