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July 16, 2004

A byte with...

Michael Poghosyan, actor

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Family status: Not married, has one daughter

Latest work: a video film “The Best of Michael Poghosyan”, which includes his best roles and characters of the past ten years

Last book read: I haven’t read anything impressive lately.

Last movie or performance: Roman Balayan’s “The Night is Bright” film.

What is your “pet peeve”? I can’t stand arrogance, when a person is egotistic and I also can’t stand hypocrisy and betrayal in any relationship.

 What do you wish to achieve through your art? In general everyone is given a mission and in this life each one of us is obliged to return it honestly and to the end.

Who is your favorite actor? Mher Mkrtchyan, Charlie Chaplin

Singer? Maria Callas, Charles Aznavour, Alla Pugachyova

Visual artist? Architect Antonio Gaudi, painter Rene Magrid, Van Gogh, sculptor Rodin. I preferred different styles in different periods of my life development, impressionism, surrealism.

In the movie of your life, who should play you? Marsel Marso and I would want it very much to be in a pantomime genre.

If you were not an artist what would you want to be? I would definitely be some kind of artist. By the way, according to calculations I lived my previous life 400 years ago and again was an actor.

If you were on a deserted island what (book, cd, film, painting) would you want with you? The Bible

What is your inmost wish? I wish that by some miracle all the greatest guys who have left Yerevan would come back and we would set a table as long as Mashtots Avenue and would celebrate.

What is of more priority to you art or family? – The priority is to be a human being. If you don’t have human decency then your art is not worth even a penny.

What do you appreciate in a woman? What makes me angry today is that in the streets there’s an exhibition of women’s parts of the body. In a woman I appreciate her maternity instinct, her femininity and the part when she cares about the man as she would care about her son.

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Summer in the City

With Friday temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit), little boys and big girls found relief in the fountains of Republic Square.



A Byte with...

Michael Pogosyan

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