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 January 23 , 2004 

Arts: Matters of Art and Culture in Armenia


Song Squabble: Words become weapons in regional battle over pop tune

The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict has spread across the political field to the arts.
This week Azeri television and newspapers reported that Armenian singer Varduhi Vardanyan has stolen a song from their favorite pop star Briliant Dadasheva.

Seeing the Armenian singer perform on an Armenian TV channel, the Azerbaijani singer applied to the head of Azerbaijani copyright agency Kyamran Imanov who agreed to help her seek justice in this case of "Armenian plagiarism".

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Missing Notes: Rare cello back at home after exile in Ukraine

A valued cello that became subject of a diplomatic squabble has been returned to Armenia after 18 years abroad.

On January 12, the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs of Armenia officially received the cello from the Ukraine, where it has been a hostage of paperwork. Ukrainian officials have maintained that instrument was brought to the city of Lvov without proper documents and therefore could not leave their country.

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According to Agnes
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Shaky Prediction: Statement by seismologist draws alarm, criticism

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The Naghdalyan Case: Verdict of first court stands

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Joint Forces: Regional organizations meet for cooperation in civil societies

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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


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Dancing on Strings

The recently renovated Opera House hosted a ballet performance based on Aram Khachatryan's "Concert for Violin" last weekend. It was the first time the piece has been accompanied by dance.




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