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February 27, 2004

Arts: Matters of Art and Culture in Armenia

Stage Revival: Sundukyan Theater reopens to great expectations

After being “dark” for 18 months for reconstruction work, Yerevan 's Sundukyan Theater has opened its doors again with a delayed 80 th birthday celebration.

The city's main dramatic stage actually marked its anniversary in 2002 but the extent of the repairs meant that it could not be open for the occasion.

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Armenian Abstraction: Exhibition traces the history of a brief artistic trend

A new exhibition of paintings has opened at the Akanat art gallery, tracing what it calls “trends of development of abstractionism in Armenia ”.

“It's true that some paintings are sold but first of all these exhibitions are of cultural importance as they present the history of Armenian abstractionism,” says the director of the art gallery, Ani Sukiasyan.

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According to Agnes


History at Risk: Khachkars of Julfa suffer renewed destruction

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Sweating on Screen: Healthy living show offers competitors fame through fitness

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The Arts in seven days


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Armenian Officer's Body in Yerevan

Thursday, the body of Lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan killed by Azeri officer in Budapest last week was brought to Armenia in a closed coffin. Margaryan will be burried Saturday at Yerablur, cemetery of Karabakh war veterans.



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