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February 13, 2004

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Bonfire of the Amities: Trndez festival fans the flames of love

The crackle and color of bonfires draws the attention of people who gather for a noisy and wonderful festival. This fire has a special meaning, reflected in the faith that burns in the radiant eyes of the young people.

Once a year, both young and old go a little crazy at the festival of Trndez (Purification) that begins on February 14. According to popular tradition, this magic feast enables people to cast out negative emotions and bring happiness into their lives.

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Invalid Citizens: A visit to Georgy's house

Every evening when the sun sets, Georgy Adamyan sits in his small room and waits as long as he can bear before firing his wood stove. He wants to save firewood. But the cold finds its way inside his 76-year old bones and being frugal yields to being warm.

Gradually the temperature inside the gray hostel room rises from -1C (30.2 Fahrenheit) to +5 (41 F).

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Valuing Tradition: Antique dealers struggle in a market out of step with the times

Whenever a visitor enters the obscure and small antique shop located in the basement of one of the buildings on Amiryan Street , Razmik Tutunjyan, the owner, can always tell whether they have come to buy or just to look.

“I can easily read their faces, 90% of visitors enter the shop to have a look. Though, now even the number of “lookers” tends to reduce. January and February are always very tough months, I sell almost nothing,” he says.

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Shut Out: Blockade makes Armenia an outsider in its own neighborhood

Step into the socks of the Armenian economy for a moment: Chaos to the north, Axis-of-Evil international pariah to the south, and not-so-neighborly neighbors who blockade borders to the east and west.

Now try to participate in international trade and commerce like everyone else.

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According to Agnes


Street Fighting: Residents say they are paying the price of Yerevan 's prestige landmark.

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Home from home: Citizens of Armenia are forced to leave Turkmenistan.

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Special Delivery

You wait 12 years for a baby and then three come along at once...Karina Maisuradze-Gevorkyan became the proud mother of triplets, two girls and one boy, on February 5 at Yerevan's Maternity Research Center. Karina had been trying to have a child for 12 years without success before approaching the center and undergoing fertility treatment.



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