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February 06, 2004

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From Vladimir to Video: Action movies replace a stoic dictator in Republic Square

Where once Vladimir I. Lenin stood bronzed and pointing the way to socialism, an electronic billboard now stands in Yerevan's Republic Square, broadcasting capitalism and the best of Hollywood action movies, and video clips from the former dictator's nemesis, the evil west.

When workers were busy putting up the evergreen State Holiday Tree in late December, other workers were equally busy constructing the 8 x 6-meter industrial gray monitor. Visitors to the square who might have thought the giant screen was there only for the holiday festivities are now learning that loud music and MTV images are likely to be a long-time fixture in the otherwise solemn and stately square.

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Thirsty Faith: St. Sargis brings nuptial news via dreams and salt

Each year before the Day of St. Sargis Manush Soghomonyan and her friends prepare for one of the year's most mysterious and interesting traditions.

"Just like many youngsters, every year I'm impatiently waiting for this day," says 16 year-old Manush. "It's a day which can reveal many secrets of your future."

This year the Day of St.Sargis in Armenia is celebrated February 7. It is sort of like Valentine's Day, but with Armenian nuances.

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According to Agnes


Hungry to be Heard: Prisoners want a review of sentences after ratification of Criminal Code

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Card Controversy: Opponents of identification system decry "human labeling"

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