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April 23, 2004

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Our Best in Budapest?: Can Armenia’s choice handle the environment of an international murder trial?

Political tension in Yerevan has shifted focus from the upcoming trial in Hungary in the death of Armenian Army Lieutenant Gurgen Markaryan.

Markaryan was murdered February 19 while attending a NATO “Partnership for Peace” conference in Budapest. Ramil Safarov, an officer in the Azerbaijan Army has been charged.

Armenians were shocked by news of Markaryan’s brutal murder, and were outraged by commentary in Baku that turned Safarov into a national hero.

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Isolated: A visit to a forgotten village

When the snow melts, the village of Geghakar restores its connection with the world.

A nearly impassable road is the only link with the outside, and when nature closes it, Geghakar about 75 miles northeast of Yerevan hibernates until spring.

Until 1989, the village – formerly called Yenikend – was one of the richest cattle breeding areas of the Gegharkunik region. It was an Azeri settlement until then. But its population and its livestock industry and a lot of other things changed when Azeris were no longer welcomed across the nearby border, and vice versa.

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Low Overhead: Roofs made of earth still weather the elements in Aghbiuradzor

There was a day when along the shores of Lake Sevan, roofs made of thatch were the common means of using nature to protect from nature.

Like the picturesque cottages for which Ireland would become famous, Armenian country homes were perhaps less glamorized but no less served by roofs made of earth.

Older residents in villages such as Aghibiuradzor remember that until the 1950s the use of earthen roofs was common. Fifty years later, the distinguishing feature of Armenian culture hasn’t completely disappeared.

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According to Agnes


Random or Planned?: Attack on former politician raises questions

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Rural Tragedy: Anthrax suspected in death of cattle

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Our Best in Budapest?: Can Armenia's choice handle the environment of an international murder trial?

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In honor of each of Armenia's Catholicoses, 131 evergreens were planted on the grounds of Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral in Yerevan, April 18.


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