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April 09, 2004


Season of Discontent: Opera of Opposition plays to overflow crowd

By Nane Makuchyan

A crowd opposed to Armenia’s government regime filled Opera Square in Yerevan late today, as residents gathered under a friendly Spring sun to demand a change of power.

It was the second protest organized this week, with today’s meeting attracting several times more participants than Monday’s.

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Sad Site: Funicular car that killed five remains in yard of shocked family

By Julia Hakobyan

Fifteen year old Roma Zakaryan gives interviews several times a day, meeting journalists, police officers, municipality officials in the yard of his house, which became a site of tragedy last week. Last Friday afternoon a funicular car fell some 20 meters from its cable above the Zakaryan home, and landed in their yard. Three people died immediately and two later in hospital. Four passengers remain in hospital with fractures and head injuries.

Yerevan municipality has set up a special commission to investigate the incident.

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According to Agnes


Sad Site: Funicular car that killed five remains in yard of shocked family

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Cold Reality: Nature (again) turns a brutal breath to village farmers

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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


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Plane Beautiful

Wednesday (April 7) was "Day of Mothers and Beauty" in Armenia. At Zvartnots International Airport, staff greeted girls and women with flowers -- one small step for womenkind, one giant leap for civility in civil aviation.


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