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April 09, 2004

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Cold Reality: Nature (again) turns a brutal breath to village farmers

A cold snap last week has created havoc for some farmers and disaster for others in the Ararat Valley and beyond, whose fruit trees blossomed too soon for their own good.

The Ministry of Agriculture plans to release a damage report next week, but already it is expected that this will be another poor year especially for Armenian apricots. Apricot crops were below average the past three years due to a harsh winter and floods.

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Men’s Month: Program offers free prostate examination

April is designated as Men’s Health Protection Month in Armenia, during which men will be encouraged to have prostate gland examinations. Free sonogram examinations will be offered at the Armenia Medical Center in Yerevan.

It is the first time such examinations have been given free in Armenia.

“We want to pay much more attention to men’s health and render quality medical treatment to them,” says director of Urology at the Center, Armen Muradyan.

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Adjusting: Teacher becomes the student of rural ways in city life

In all of her 54 years, Russian language teacher Silva Martirosyan has never known rural living. She lives in the town of Tchambarak and for most of her life “farming” was a matter of going to the market.

But a lot of lives continue to change as Armenia moves from what it was to whatever it will be.

Sometimes city girls learn country living. Sometimes teachers become milkmaids.

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According to Agnes


Sad Site: Funicular car that killed five remains in yard of shocked family

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Cold Reality: Nature (again) turns a brutal breath to village farmers

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Plane Beautiful

Wednesday (April 7) was "Day of Mothers and Beauty" in Armenia. At Zvartnots International Airport, staff greeted girls and women with flowers -- one small step for womenkind, one giant leap for civility in civil aviation.


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