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April 02, 2004

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Frontier Medicine: Nurses are the link of life for distant villages

In the Ltchashen village of the Gegharkunik Region, some 100 kilometers eastof Yerevan, 65 year old Paytsar Grigoryan runs from house to house administering vaccinations to children before the medicine can spoil.

She has no way of keeping it fresh, and there is not even a window in what used to be the village medical outpost.

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Conscientious Control of Canines: Eurasia to sponsor program for reducing street dogs in Yerevan

The troublesome problem of Yerevan street dogs may be about to come to a more civilized conclusion than the current method for control.

In the absence of a better -- previously unaffordable – animal control policy, nuisance dogs are simply shot by hunters who go out late at night to claim a 70-cents bounty on each dog they shoot dead. It is a barbaric method that also creates disruption, disturbing residents’ sleep with the sound of gunfire and yelping dogs.

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Two Years Minus

Today (April 2) was marked as the two-year anniversary of television station A1-Plus being removed from the airwaves in Armenia. The oppositional station has been denied a license despite repeated bids, and is seen by many as evidence of government suppression. It has continued its news service at


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