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 September 19, 2003 

Children of independent Armenia have no worries but only hopes for their future

Young Country: Independent minds mark September 21 anniversary

When the juniors of secondary school No 83 are asked if they are happy to live in an independent Armenia they confidently say "yes".

It perplexes them when they are asked why. Some laugh and reply: "Because we live in an independent state."

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Seeking Security: Improving economy offers hope of a stronger safety net for the poorest

From October 1 pensions in Armenia will increase by 600 to 700 drams ($1.20), lifting the average pension to 7,800-7,900 drams ($13.50).

The increases of between 8 and 9.5 per cent have done little to make the republic's pensioners feel better off, however. They insist that the increase in pensions is conditioned by rises in prices.

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File under Friendship: Lonely hearts play the dating game for love and companionship

"I'm a person who has respect for promises, I don't smoke, sometimes I drink. I wish to meet a thoughtful man devoted to his family."

"I'm a kind, communicative and hospitable woman. I'm interested in sports, I like to dance and I cook very well, sometimes I smoke and sometimes I drink. I wish to meet a communicative, kind, clever man devoted to his family."

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Sights and Sounds: Autumn becomes the festive season

Festive week is a correct description for these seven days of beautiful Armenian autumn. Three significant occasions, "Kenats" annual festival, "Sayat Nova" All-Armenian Best Song Award and Swiss - Armenian cultural events are taking place in Yerevan.

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Art Challenges AIDS: Poster campaign promotes awareness in paint

The threat posed by the AIDS virus was highlighted in bright colors at the Yerevan Hay-Art cultural center on September 18.

With posters bearing slogans such as "Let's wipe out AIDS together", "You are not alone", and "Don't harm your health for pleasure", young and professional painters sought to bring awareness of the problem while offering support to sufferers who feel isolated from society.

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Visions of Utopia: Intellectuals play with the meaning of Armenia

The inscription "Welcome to Armenia, an Outdoor Museum" is included in the booklets published by artist Azat Sargsyan. In those booklets one can find his photos where he, dressed in black clothes with the word "welcome" written on them, stands next to different graves in Yerevan cemeteries.

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Sports Round Up

Judo World Championships

Six Armenian contestants were among 587 fighters from 97 countries who took part in the 2003 World Judo Championships.


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 World Greek and Roman Wrestling Championships:
Tennis (ATP Tour)

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According to Agnes
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Naghdalyan case: Trail enters interrogation stage

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National News: Conference ponders the Armenian Condition

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Cataloging Culture: Armenia's hidden galleries emerge into view

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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


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September 15, Progressive Youth Union of Armenia demonstrated its attitude towards ArmenTel by protesting in front of the buiding of the telecommunication company with posters saying, "We demand quality communication". People passing by joined the protesters trampling down telephones. No connection, no need in phones.


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