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 September 12, 2003 



Arts Digest : A capsule review and preview of art and entertainment in Armenia .

TRIBUTE: The work of writer Siamant was celebrated in several secondary schools last week to honor the 125th anniversary of the writer's birth. Through his poetic art Siamant expressed all the sufferings of his native land and his lyric poems gave a hope for brighter future for his nation.

WORKS IN PROGRESS: On September 8, head of the president's administration, and local head of the Lincy Foundation, Artashes Tumanyan, visited the Theatre of Young Spectators, then Tumanyan with his group went to the National Theater of Ballet and Opera, Russian Theatre named after Stanislavski. They also toured construction sites at Sundukyan's Academic Theatre and Frunze Mkrtchyan's Theatre. Tumanyan was satisfied with the work and assured that on November 1 performance halls will be of European standards.

OUTSIDE HONOR: On September 8 was the 80th Jubilee of conductor Ohan Duryan, who was removed from the National Opera Conductor's appointment for life on 2001, by a Government resolution. Now the well-known conductor is leading the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra and his 80th Jubilee will be celebrated in Moscow.

SHUT DOWN: On September 9 the founder and artistic director of "Metro" theatre Nikolay Tsaturyan held a press conference to announce the closing of the 11-year-old theatre.

The Metro, housed in a building belonging to the Children's National Aesthetic Center, is being displaced by "Pos" theatre, which requested the location from the Ministry of Culture.

"It's a vandalism in our days, to close any cultural place without any reason," says Tsaturyan. During its 11 years the theatre held 25 performances to mostly filled halls.

COOPERATION THROUGH THE CAMERA: On September 9 at the Center of Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, a photo exhibit devoted to Armenian- Georgian friendship opened featuring the work of photographers Khachatur Vardanyan and Anatoli Osipov. Their works show the cooperation between Armenian and Georgian artists, political figures, poets. At the opening the Secretary of the Georgian Embassy, Nino Kapasilauri gave a speech, in fluent Armenian.

STAMPED APPROVAL: The 100th anniversary of the birth of Armenian composer Aram Khachatryan has been marked in Monaco with a stamp featuring his portrait and a piece from the ballet "Gayane". The price of the stamp is 1.60 Euro.

A NIGHT OF NIGHTS: On September 14 at the Karen Demichyan Concert Center will be the new "1001 Nights" show featuring popular Russian pop singer Avraam Russo.

STILL LAUGHING: On September 15-16 well known comedy actor Ashot Ghazaryan will repeat his "The Song of our Days" comedy in Paronyan Theatre.





According to Agnes
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The Week in seven days



The Arts in seven days


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September 11, Yerevan. Commemorating the American tragedy, events at Moscow cinema hosted by the US embassy became a solemn tribute due to Armenian citizens -- officials, clergymen, simple people, children, who came to join their voices to the world's choir condemning terrorism.



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