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 October 17, 2003 

NKR President Ghukasyan and his counter part President Aliev.

The Election in Azerbaijan: Karabakh reacts to Ilham Aliev's ascension to his father's throne

Ilham Aliev's election as president of Azerbaijan was received calmly in the unrecognized Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR). Most here view his election (by a landside victory Wednesday) through speculation of how the outgoing president's son might approach the issue of settling the Karabakh conflict.

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From Baghdad to Yerevan: Families forced from Iraq are happy in Armenia

When the Armenian day is closing Avetisyan family gathers on the balcony of their three-room apartment to look, once again, at Mount Ararat colored by sunset.

"We always heard from our elders about this wonderful mountain but we had never seen it. Every day, every minute we look at it but still we miss it," says father of the family, 44 year old Andranik Avetisyan.

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Outside Eye: A non-Armenian's view of life in his adopted home

Sometimes it is the seemingly insignificant events that say the most about the living condition: Putting a new coat of polish on worn-out shoes; sweeping trash from a sidewalk that is hardly more than dirt itself; carrying yourself with dignity on your way to borrow money . . . Such things.

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The Art of Progress: Lori region residents welcome return to cultural normalcy

Last Friday Satik Martirosyan stood outside the new Charles Aznavour Cultural Center in Vanadzor, remembering the previous performance hall that stood on the site.

"À day before the earthquake my son was singing here, he had perfectly performed, the hall was full of flowers. How could I know that next day he would close the door of his life forever," she said.

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Words to Live By: Journalists get a lesson in etiquette concerning disabled

Crippled. Handicapped. Invalid.

The words are a throwback to days before being "politically correct" became the standard by which the West invented such phrases as "physically challenged".

And they are the words most often still applied to the impaired, by Armenian media.

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Working With the Word: Translators gather in Yerevan to explore their craft

Is it possible to translate a poem? That question became a main topic of "Future of Poetry Through Translation" international conference last weekend in Yerevan. The conference - the first of its kind here - was organized by the Armenian Center of PEN International Association and was held at the Ani Hotel.

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Sports: Zero-Quatro evening for Armenia against Spain

Armenia's last football match of EURO-2004 qualifying, ended in a shutout by Spain, 0-4 at Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium last Friday evening.

The match hardly mattered for qualifying, as previous loses had already eliminated the national team from EURO participation next year in Portugal.

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According to Agnes
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Elections in Azerbaijan: Aliev, yes. Public order, no

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The Son Shines in Armenia: Refugees react to election of Ilham Aliev

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How Much Is Enough?: Parliament debates law on "basket" minimum

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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


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From the field to the fryer

While neighbors in Azerbaijan and Georgia contemplate parliamentary and presidential politics, the focus in Armenia -- at least in the farmland -- is . . . potatoes.


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