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 October 10, 2003 



Arts Digest : A capsule review and preview of art and entertainment in Armenia .

Aram Khachatryan's week. During this month various concerts dedicated to composer Aram Khachatryan's 100th anniversary have been organized.

Last week in Brussels, Belgium, Khachatryan's music was broadcast over a powerful sound system for three days in Grand Plaza.

In Turkey, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture presented a concert featuring violinist Hakan Shenson and Armenian young violinist Hasmik Avdalyan, at an Armenian church in the village of Vagf.

At the International Music Hall in Moscow, Armenian pianists Svetlanna Navasardyan performed with the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Vladimir Ziva.

In Cyprus last week the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra had three concerts at the Markarios amphitheater in Limasol and Larnaka cities. Violinist Ruben Aharonyan performed under the direction of Eduard Topchyan.

Hot theatrical autumn. "Hay Fest" is the second International Theatrical Festival of this autumn. This time Armenian audience has had a chance to enjoy performances of various theatres from 11 countries. Russian Deputy Minister of Culture Igor Ovchinnikov mentioned that this festival gave invited actors an opportunity to get acquainted with Armenian theatre life. Five or six plays were presented per day, each to full halls.

Challenging fate. An exhibition of art made by physically challenged children of Armenia opened October 7. The exhibits included products made of leather, wool and artificial fur. The children who made those works are members of public organizations such as Shiraz, Pyunik, Zabota and others. The exhibition-fair was organized by the International Association of Development of Assistance supported by the American University of Armenia.

Happy birthday Yerevan. Yerevan turns 2785 years old this year and every year on October 10 the great jubilee of the Old City is celebrated. The birthday celebration will begin tonight (October 10) and last through the weekend, featuring shows, exhibits and fireworks.

Aznavour in print. The French publishing house "Flammarion" released a book "Time of Advanced," written by French singer of Armenian heritage Charles Aznavour. The book, the 79-year old performer's autobiography, took him more than two years. The book is his second, following "Aznavour About Aznavour", published in Armenian in the former USSR.
In his new book, Aznavour tells about the "Golden Era" of the French song, when France gave the world a galaxy of outstanding singers. "My task was not to tell about my career, but to draw the picture of events in which I was a participant", says Aznavour.

Varderesyan in print. Actress Varduhi Varderesyan is celebrating her 75 birthday with an autobiography "Fairy Tale of My Life". In her book she tells about important events of her life, starting from a mournful childhood in an orphanage to the sweetness of recognition and popularity.

On Yerevan Stages . . .

October 10 Puppet Theatre "Fire Wall" rock parade with participation of Armenian rock ensemble Bambbir 2, Oaksenham, MDP, Artsruni, Empyray.

October 12 Demirchyan Concert Hall "Russia and Armenia together for 175 years" concert devoted to Yerevan city's 2785th jubilee. The participants of celebrating concert are Russian popular artists and singers such as Armen Jigarkhanyan, Irina Otieva, Lev Shtarkman and others.

October 10, 11, 12 Paronyan Theatre During these days, performances from staple repertoire, "Dinner with Idiot", "My Mother-in-Law", "Dandiest from the East" at the Paronyan Comedic theatre will be presented.


According to Agnes
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Winning looks

Unconfirmed reports say that an unusually high number of girls and women spectators were on hand Friday night at Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium for Spain vs. Armenia. Seems that the Spanish national football team, led in looks by Raul, give the female fans something to cheer about. Even when the home team loses 0-4.



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