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 October 3, 2003 



A Week in Seven Days: Matters that made the media since last Friday .

FAMILY CARE: Starting September 26 a new law came to force in Armenia stipulating a payment of nonrecurrent 35,000 drams ($61) to a newborn child's family, instead of the previous $10, AZG daily reported.

Also, a one-time allowance will be given to the family which lost a member that didn't reach an age of pensioner will make 25,000 AMD ($43) instead of earlier $5.The families that lost a pensioner will receive an assistance of $130, instead of earlier $78.

GOOD RESULT, GOOD PLANS: The Board of Trustees of the Armenia Fund convened September 26 for its 12th session to present the work the Fund accomplished in 2002, YERKIR online reported. Last year the Foundation raised $5,180,534, and during the ten years of its existence it has carried out 200 projects worth $75 million.

One of the most important projects of the Fund is the construction of the highway connecting the northern and southern parts of Artsakh. A 40-kilometer section of the 165-km highway has been already completed.

BODYGUARDS FOR VIP: According to the State Officials Security bill the republic's President, Prime Minister, Parliament Speaker and Constitutional Court Chairman are to be given bodyguards. The President is also given the right to decide who else can be protected by the system, A1 Plus reported September 27.

Armenian National Assembly's Vice Speaker Vahan Hovanisyan said that also the issue related to a private bodyguards bill is now being worked out. In his words, the number of bodyguards should be restricted by the law.

NEW CLUB FOR JOURNALISTS: The reporters accredited at the National Assembly may establish a club of journalists, Yerkir online reported September 27. The suggestion was made at the USAID sponsored seminar September 27-28, under the "Armenia: National Assembly Strengthening Project." The seminar underscored that the journalists should take active part in studying the State Budget submitted to the National Assembly.

PLAYGROUND IN HOLY LAND: Grand Opening ceremony was held on September 28 for children's playground near the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin in the city of Vagharshapat (Etchmiadzin) ARMENPRESS reported September 28.

The playground, built for the enjoyment of the children of the city of Etchmiadzin, was financed by the US philanthropists of Armenian origin Harold and Josephine Gulameryans as well as the president of the Gulameryan Fund Michael Aratunyan.

LITURGY FOR VICTIMS: The head of the Armenian Apostolic Church Catholicos Garegin II has ministered a service for the victims of the terrorist act of August 19 near the UN office in Baghdad, ITAR TASS Agency Yerevan bureau reported September 28. The Catholicos denounced terrorism and said that people of the earth must fight against the universal evil together. That unity would be the best way to commemorate the dead, he said.

STATISTICS ON UNEMPLOYMENT ISSUES: Armenian national employment center said the unemployment level across the country dropped by one percent by September 1, standing at 8.8 percent.

As ARMENPRESS reported September 29 over 150,000 people applied to regional employment centers by September 1 to seek jobs, seventy percent of which were women. Since the beginning of the year regional employment centers found jobs for 5,000 people. By September 1 more than 7,000 unemployed received unemployment benefits and another 13,000 one time money assistance.

ARMENTEL MONOPOLY IS QUESTIONABLE: The Armenian Government intends to make a decision within 30-40 days on depriving ArmenTel, the tele-communication monopolist in Armenia, of monopoly, ARMINFO reported September 29. Within this period of time, draft amendments to the license granting ArmenTel monopoly rights will be prepared. The Government intends to limit the monopoly for Internet access and cellular communication and release data transmission of monopoly.

POOR LEGISLATION HINDERS INVESTMENTS: Armenia still remains a risky zone for European businessmen to invest money, the members of the Union of European Commercial Companies in Armenia acting as a Chamber of Commerce told in a news conference September 30. ARMENPRESS reported that the head of the Union said that Armenian legislation does not yet conform with the European standards, creating extra problems for businessmen. A string of red tape problems mainly in customs and tax areas hinders favorable investment in Armenia.

NATO SAYS NO: NATO may not and will not claim for the leading role in the settlement of conflicts in South Caucasus region, said Simone de Manso from the NATO Department of Public Diplomacy at the international conference on South Caucasus: Regional Security and Stability. ARKA quoted October 1 Simone de Manso who said that the currently frozen conflicts may not be resolved without the major negotiators, such as Russia. As to the security in the region, she thinks that it should be built together with neighbors.

NEW SURVEY, UNHAPPY RESULTS: According to World Values Survey, the Armenians are one of the unhappiest nations in the world. BBC TV and Radio Company reports that the monitoring of life contentment is conducted among the citizens of 65 countries every 4 years, and Armenia, Russia and Romania ranked the last on the list, according to the survey of 2003.

ARKA agency reported October 2 that the survey traces the social-cultural and political changes in the countries and their impact on the population. The happiest people live in Nigeria, the population of the U.S. ranks 16th, Australia is 20th and Great Britain is 24th.

KHACHKARS ISSUES AT UNESCO: Armenian Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian drew the attention of the UNESCO to the fact of Armenian historic monuments' destruction in Nakhichevan region of Azerbaijan. As Armenian Foreign Ministry's report says Oskanyan announced at the 32nd General Conference in Paris that "the Armenian population of Nakhichevan was decreasing sharply in the course of the 20th century, and Azerbaijan managed to oust completely the Armenians from the region."


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