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 October 3, 2003 

Features: People and events of interest


No Flood for Baghramyan: A look at life in a dry village

In a valley, Ararat, named for a site of history's most famous flood, the 1,249 residents of Baghramyan village live without water supply and without most of the conveniences of civilized life.

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Pointed Opinions About the Square: A street view reaction to Yerevan's new center

After months of waiting and speculation and anticipation, and dust and congested traffic and broken shoes and sweat and money, Republic Square is open again. Scheduled to finish with other Lincy Foundation projects at the end of this month, the Square instead opened September 21, Independence Day.

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According to Agnes
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Fighting Words: Controversial editor attacked and badly beaten

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The Naghdalyan Case: Wife of defendant claims her husband is a scapegoat

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The Week in seven days


The Arts in seven days


  Photos of the week
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Bridge Bash

The second half of the Ashtarak Bridge is ready to be passed over, but not before it got a grand opening this week.



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