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 December 5 , 2003 



A Week in Seven Days: Matters that made the media since last Friday .

CLINIC FOR ARMENIANS: A diagnostic center was inaugurated last week in Akhalkalaki city of Javakhk, south of Georgia, populated mainly by ethnic Armenians Armenpress reported November 21.

The center was built with the financial support of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS), a US-based Armenian charity. The Society also plans to restore clinics in 15 villages and provide new equipment to local hospitals.

PARTICIPATION ONLY: Nagorno-Karabakh MPs will be included in the reserve of the Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PASE), Yerkir daily reported November 21.

According to the Armenian National Assembly Speaker Arthur Baghdasaryan the Nagorno Karabakh deputies cannot be included in the official delegation of Armenia, but when the Karabakh conflict settlement is discussed, the MPs and committees chairperson can participate.

The process of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement will be discussed at the sitting of the South Caucasian inter-parliamentary initiative to be held December 15-20 in Scotland, PanARMENIAN.Net reported November 22.

The Armenian party will submit to the sitting a joint statement of the political forces of the Armenian parliament.

The king's money.

KING TIGRAN ON GOLDEN COINS: November 24 the Armenian Central Bank issued 500 golden commemorative coins with a nominal value of 1000 drams dedicated to Armenian king Tigran the Great.

The coin is a duplicate of a silver tetradrachm that was in circulation in Armenia in the 1st century BC.  King Tigran the Great ruled Armenia between 95-55 B.C. and was from Artasheside Dynasty.

INDIAN INVESTMENT: Harshad Media, the chief executive manager of Indian Rose Blue company has pledged $5 million in fresh investments in Armenia's diamond cutting sector before the end of the year, Armenpress reported November 24.

The businessman said the investments will help create around 1,000 jobs and he planned to invest another $5 million next year.

US DIPLOMATS COMMENT: During the contacts between US diplomats and Georgian leaders November 24 the issue of Eduard Shevardnadze's retirement was not raised, US State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher said.

"We did not discuss the retirement in our conversations. Neither the Secretary of State, nor the US ambassador did it," Boucher emphasized. PanARMENIAN.Net reported that according to US diplomats the American ambassador to Tbilisi now holds "direct conversations” will all political leaders of Georgia.

POVERTY REDUCTION: The Council of Directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved November 25 granting $14 million to Armenia within the framework of Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Program, PanARMENIAN.Net reported.

According to the IMF Yerevan Office, some $58 million out of the credit of $100 million has been provided to Armenia within the program by now.

PRIESTHOODS ASK FOR PEACE: The spiritual leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia made a joint appeal for peace in the Caucasus November 26 after a meeting in Moscow hosted by the Russian Orthodox Church, RFE/RL reported.

In the statement the Russian Supreme Patriarch Alexi II, Catholicos Garegin II of Armenia, Catholicos Ilia II of Georgia and Azerbaijan’s Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukyur Pasha-zade urged their countries’ governments to resolve their differences peacefully and tackle religious intolerance. They also reaffirmed their stated readiness to promote peaceful co-existence of the regions ethnically and religiously diverse peoples.

MARRIOT ARMENIA: Following an extensive renovation, the Hotel Armenia in Yerevan will open its doors as Armenia Marriott Hotel on December 15th 2003, Armenpress reported November 26.

The hotel will open with newly refurbished public areas that include the Reception, Lobby Lounge Bar, Vienna Cafe, Armenia Brasserie and the Italian Restaurant Cucina.
The hotel currently offers 115 deluxe rooms, a fitness center, a business center, a banquet and conference facilities for up to 900 guests.

An inspection conducted by finance and economy ministry's officers at a state-run Teachers' Training Institute in Gyumri revealed that its leadership has stolen in three years 181.5 million Drams ($318,000) Armenpress reported November 27.

The Institute's chiefs designed a chain of schemes to plunder the money. The officials of the ministry said they asked prosecutors to make a thorough investigation and start legal proceedings against its managers.

The feasibility report on the construction of a hydro power plant on the river of Arax on Armenian-Iranian border will be accomplished in mid- 2004, Armenpress reported November 27.

Armenia’s Minister of Energy said no funds from the budget will be released for its construction, and the contribution will be in the form of investments. According to him Armenia has agreed with the Iranian side that it will build the plant while Armenia will cover expenses by energy supplies.The plant's projected capacities will enable it to produce annually 600 kilowatts of electricity annually.





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Play for Pay

A concert in Yerevan last weekend promoted Thursday's All Armenia Fund telethon. Overall the telethon raised more than $6 million, with some $600,000 coming from within Armenia.



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