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 December 5 , 2003 



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1000 year old poem The big hall of the science library of the National Science Academy of Belarus hosted celebrations of the 1,000 anniversary of Grigor Narekatsi’s “Book of Mourning” reported Yerkir online on November 22.

Armenian Ambassador, Suren Harutyunian introduced “Book of Mourning”, citing its value in Armenian culture and literature. Poems were read and the Belarus Academic Orchestra gave a performance.

Flower Fest
An international flower festival and competition is to be held in the Karen Demirtchyan Sport and Concert Complex December 6 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Brabion floral company. Representatives of Armenia, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Chechnya and the United States are to take part in the festival.

The company's director Ashot Chobanyan says that the competition consists of 8 nominations. Each competitor will have to present two compositions: a wedding bouquet and an original bunch. The top three florists will receive “bouquets” made of precious stones.

Re-opening Gallery
Reconstruction of the National Picture Gallery of Armenia is underway and Faraon Mirzoyan, the director, told ArmInfo November 25 that the work is almost complete.The humidity and temperature systems have already been restored and now workers are reconstructing pavilions. The gallery was one beneficiary of the Lincy Foundation’s $17.5 million restoration program for halls of culture.

British Films
The British Council has begun its third festival of British films at the Nairi Cinema in Yerevan. During the festival (November 25-December 02), moviegoers can see "To Rescue Grace ", " All or Anything ", " I Without You ", " Young Adam", "Bend It Like Beckham", "Sisters Magdalen" and " Bloody Sunday ".

Lucky Tour
The Yerevan Theater of Pantomine completed a week-long tour in Beirut last Friday.

New Album Young singer Arsen Grigoryan’s CD album “Open your eyes” is on sale in Armenia, as reported . In the USA it appeared a month earlier. The album is produced by SAAZ production in USA but the songs were recorded in Armenia in Ardini studio and Yerevan State Song Theatre. It includes 12 songs, most of which are songs of the singer’s own composition. A music video shot in the US of “Hov Gisher, Zov Gisher” is expected to premier on Armenian National Television soon.




According to Agnes
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The Week in seven days


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Play for Pay

A concert in Yerevan last weekend promoted Thursday's All Armenia Fund telethon. Overall the telethon raised more than $6 million, with some $600,000 coming from within Armenia.



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