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 November 21 , 2003 

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Tongue Lashing: Businesses better beware of Armenia's language law

A State inspection department is on a mission to save Armenia from an identity crisis.

Since early this month, the State Language Inspection office has been going door-to-door at Yerevan businesses, sternly reminding that the law requires that city shop and cafe signs be printed in Armenian.

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To the Rescue: Mental hospital in Kapan finally gets attention

Shabby dressed patients are disorderly walking from side to side. Sometimes they come up to the windows and look down through the cells to take part in the yard liveliness.

Some faces inside the building frown, some smile. Discussions begin.

Construction materials are all over the yard. Work is in full swing.

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Giving Gifts on Thanksgiving: Telethon will solicit money for Armenia

Following a decade of tradition the All-Armenian Fund will present "Telethon 2003" next Thursday (November 27, Thanksgiving Day in the US), offering viewers in several parts of the world a chance to make donations to projects that will benefit Armenia.

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Miss Disappointed: Armenia's beauty rep short of cash for Miss World chance

She may be Miss World in the hearts of her national fans, but Miss Armenia Lusine Tovmasyan will miss out on a chance to prove her beauty in the international competition unless she gets $12,000 fast.

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History Unearthed: Archeologists find evidence of settlement millennia older than Yerevan

Excavations in the Yerevan district of Shengavit over the past two years have uncovered a city which local and some foreign archeologists believe to have been settled five thousand years before the birth of Christ. Scientists say the site has yielded some of the archeologically-richest finds in all the Caucasus, and if the dating proves accurate, it would mean that the area was settled nearly 4,000 years before the Urartus founded Yerevan.

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According to Agnes
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Health Holiday: Extended break for students as mumps continue spread in Lori

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Armenia's Watergate: Politicians talk, experts explain, citizens wait

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A Queue for Calls

Big crowds gathered outside the Armentel office at Republic Square on ??? to register for mobile phone chips. It is the first time new chips have been available in more than a year.



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