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 May 30, 2003 

Parliament has become Millionaire's Row, with rights and privileges.

Parliamentary Payoff: Half of new deputies are wealthy businessmen

Armenia's tiny class of millionaires, heavily dependent on government connections, has emerged as one of the main beneficiaries of Sunday's parliamentary elections, wining a record-high number seats in the new parliament.

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Blooming Business: A gallery of spring
When sunshine replaces snow in Armenia flower sellers fill Yerevan sidewalks like so many merchants of Mother Nature's best art. Take a look.
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Outside Eye: A non-Armenian's view of life in his adopted home

Some thoughts don't require a lot of words . . .

On Monday I read email from a teenager asking if she could work for ArmeniaNow to earn $500. It is the amount her school is demanding she pay in bribes for her diploma if she wants top grades. Any lesser amount and she won't receive '5s', no matter how well she performs on exams. She is an honor (an ironic description, yes?) student, smart enough that she won a scholarship to study in the United States.

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A Fight for Finishing: Genocide survivors recall victory at Sardarapat

On May 28, when it celebrates its first independence, Armenia also remembers a battle that helped secure the first Republic.

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Health Up in Smoke: Specialists hope to snuff out a troublesome trend

One out of every two adults in Armenia smoke cigarettes.

That and other information gathered by the Ministry of Healthcare point to a future of widespread respiratory ailments throughout the republic.

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Sports: Agassi, Maleeva advancing at Roland Garros

Five Armenian tennis players representing five different countries were among 128 players competing in the French Open, which began this week in Paris. Only two survived the second round.

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 Greco-Roman Wrestling (European Championships)

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According to Agnes
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Lower Turnout, Fewer Violations: International observers report on parliamentary elections

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Referendum Chika: Voters say "no" to president's constitutional changes

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No Sale: Yerevan stores ban book over sexually explicit and crude language

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  Photo of the week
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  No More Dirty Politics?


Compared to the past presidential elections, the OSCE and other foreign observers said last Sunday's parliamentary election in places like Polling Station No. 0384 showed signs of cleaning up the messy voting system in Armenia.


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