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 June 13, 2003 

Special Edition: A virtual visit to Armenia

It is hot now in Armenia. The roads are dusty and the air is thick. Must be tourist season. If you make it here, come visit us at ArmeniaNow. If you can't make it, we hope you enjoy this taste of a visit - a special edition of (we hope you agree) non-typical travel stories. Enjoy your visit. And come back next week for our next regular news/feature I-journal.


Don't Drink the Water, Do Drink the Vodka: Ten survival tips for visiting Armenia

My only previous foray into this part of the world was during Communist times, when I visited the former East Berlin and took a train journey through East Germany. My impressions were of this: the hollow sound of footsteps of KGB agents following my every move, and ducking into a restaurant, where, after every order I placed, I was told "we are out of that." I asked what they did have. "Potato soup." I took the potato soup.

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Healthy Holiday: Jermuk offers a getaway from the city into the waters of life

One word can be used to describe Jermuk: water. Jermuk's healing mineral water is used for treating diseases; drinking water; bathing streams; and streams flowing from the mountains break the silence of the streets of this lonely spring town with their babble.

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Must-see Market: Vernissage is a best-seller among tourists and locals

It is impossible to think that a tourist would visit Armenia and not find Yerevan's "vernissage" open market, shopping mall, bazaar and all-around cultural curiosity center.

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Get Away in Armenia: Alpinists federation makes extreme tourism safe

Visitors to Armenia now have more active options to seeing the country. Extreme tourism, geared for more active vacationers that prefer to hike, bike, climb, and more, are contributing to tourism's development in Armenia.

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Soul Food: St. Zoravor is a haven among chaos

It is a nation of churches, Armenia.

One of its newest, St. Grigor the Illuminator, was consecrated by Pope John Paul II during a visit here two years ago.

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The Nightlife Goodlife: When the sun goes down, Yerevan goes out

Armenians love the nightlife, they love to boogie. Or at least to sit and see how long a cheap cup of coffee can last as summertime entertainment.

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Intoxicating Tour: Brandy factory offers a tasty hour in Yerevan

There's really not a lot to see on a tour of the Yerevan Brandy Factory. Once you've seen one barrel or bottle, the next one isn't all that different.

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Memories in Music: A taste of Armenia from the sounds of its musicians

Want to take a slice of Armenia home from your vacation? Music is a good way to do it. Music is a rich part of Armenian culture, and tapes and CDs pack easily and are inexpensive in Armenia. Visitors can take full advantage of a wide musical selection with low prices in shops along the streets in the center.

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Carpet Magic: Buying an Armenian rug is an art or a war

If your holiday in Armenia includes shopping for a rug, get used to hearing these words:

"My friend. For you, a special deal."

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Armenia's Coffee Culture: Beans and brew and futures told in cups

Even though Armenia's claim to fame is not coffee cultivation, Armenians are famous for their love of the drink. A typical Armenian family begins its morning with a steaming, tiny, cup of coffee.

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Shopping for a Symbol?: The pomegranate has a long tradition and mythology

This season of the year, when the fruit trees have already bloomed, nature has another surprise in store for visitors in Armenian gardens. Pomegranates begin blossoming in the southern and northeastern regions of Armenia.

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Fermented Wishes: The art of toast-making in Armenia

A visitor to Armenia can learn a lot by sitting at a dinner table and listening to toasts. They are an art form here.

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Meaning in Movement: The Armenian dance has tradition, but welcomes interpretation

If you attend a party in Armenia (and it is very likely you will), you will experience the Armenian dance - an elegant mix of movements that can at once resemble the Dance of the Veils or the Sabre Dance.

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Duduk: From apricot tree to world stage, the national sound of Armenia

Duduk's tender and fragile sounds are spreading throughout the majestic Armenian mountains, telling our history in the echo lost far beyond.

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A Meating Place: Armenia's "national" food isn't for vegetarians

Pity the person who is a vegetarian in Armenia. If there is a national dance, a national instrument and a national fruit, there surely is also a national food: "khoravats".


Capital Convenience: Yerevan hotels offer upgraded accommodations

Visitors in Yerevan can rest assured that they can look forward to a wide variety of Western-style accommodations during their travels.

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