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 July 25 , 2003 

News: Issues of importance in the country and region


Who Owns the Air?: Third ban on "Opposition" draws criticism

A decision last week by the Radio and Television Commission of Armenia has drawn sharp criticism from proponents of free speech and from international agencies who say such action does little to secure Armenia' s place as a developing democracy.

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Speculation or Progress? Media interest opens debate on Armenian-Turkish relations

Last month's meeting between Armenia's and Turkey's ministers of foreign affairs has intensified media debate and speculation on relations between the two countries.

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Double Death: Siamese twins birth and death separate family

Recently while the world's attention was directed at reports from Iran of Siamese twins being separated, Armenia had its own similar news.

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According to Agnes
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Double Death: Siamese twins birth and death separate family.

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Family Law: Newly enforced legislation makes surrogate birth more appealing to the childless.

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The Week in Seven Days.

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  Photo of the week
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This has been a nerve-wracking week for many students as they have waited to discover if they have passed entrance exams for universities in Armenia. For this student in Yerevan, success brought a smile and a kiss from a relative.



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