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 July 18 , 2003 

Parents turned to an Armenian court to settle their dispute over phone bills averaging $862 for a telemarketing service.

Dialing Up Debt: Phone "acquaintance" service proves that talk isn't cheap

A new telemarketing scheme in Armenia has prompted minors to go to the phones and their parents to go to court.

Three months ago ads began appearing on local television, inviting viewers to dial a local number to meet friends, have their fortunes told and play quiz games.

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Outside Eye: A non-Armenian's view of life in his adopted home

Once when I wrote an essay about trying to understand the Genocide, a reader said (warned?) that I was "really becoming Armenian". I suppose it was intended as a compliment. In any case it showed some insight.

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Miss Music: Queen of Karaoke crowned in Yerevan

Miss Armenia, Miss Student, Miss Spring, Miss Summer, Miss Waterpark, Miss Whatever... The culture of such pageants and contests has been actively penetrating Armenia together with other aspects of western culture and it's becoming more and more popular with each day.

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Consumed with Concern: Activists say poor conditions, ineffective law pose consumer risks

More than 60 percent of food products in Armenian markets are sold with overdue use by dates and some of them contain potential health risks, according to the recent research of the Armenian Union for the Protection of Consumers' Rights.

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Extreme Armenia: Sports challenge held for competition and promotion

An adventure-sport competition concluded Sunday (July 13) in Armenia in which 13 teams representing France, the United States and Armenia tested their skills in different parts of the republic.

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Tradition in a Jar: "Zakat" is a tasty, but hard and hot ritual

The burning heat of July is made hotter throughout Armenia, as the time of preserving foods has arrived.
All across the country men build fires and women stir hot pots, turning summer's harvest into next winter's tasty rewards.

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Sports: Pyunic scores UEFA victory

Pyunic scores UEFA victory

Wednesday (July 16) FC Pyunic met with Icelandic title-holders KR Reykjavik in a UEFA Champions League's first qualifying round match in Yerevan at Republican Stadium.

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According to Agnes
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Prevention and Treatment: International agency joins Armenia's fight against AIDS

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Consolidated Governing: Newly finished government building puts seven ministries in one place

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First Family Times Two: Elder son of President has wedding suited for a commoner

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In a village near Tsakhkadzor an Armenian burro finds shelter from the Armenian summer.


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